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Doggy Day Job?

At work a while back, I needed to access an old Qwest bill. However, the Qwest website was turning what I'd expected to be a simple task into a major chore. I selected the button marked ONLINE CHAT and was pleased to be instantly connected. To prove I was indeed the account owner, I told the representative my name, account number, and billing zip code, as requested. Okay, truth be told, my boss is the account holder, and I provided all of their information. It's part of the job! A few minutes passed.
"To verify your identity, what is the answer to your secret account question?" what? Usually, I'm asked a specific question, such as the street you (my boss) grew up on. I inquired as to what the secret account question was. Another pause.

"If you cannot answer your secret account question, instructions for resetting your online password can be mailed to you."

I asked again WHAT IS THE QUESTION?! I was sure I could answer the question, if only I knew what it was. I'd expected this to be easy, but now we were almost 10 minutes in. I just needed an old bill!

No response. I wrote a few common question/answer combinations that I thought it might be. Mother's maiden name. Favorite flower. Make and model of first car. I know my boss waaay too well. More waiting for the Qwest representative. Finally, they replied.

"It appears that this account has not been set up with a security question."

I wasn't at home during this online chat session. Is this what Biscuit does all day? It's the best explanation I can come up with.


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