Every Year. Every &^*@# Year.

Today is our 12th Valentine's Day.

I made Sexy Nerd a fancy dinner, complete with roasted butternut squash, salad, and a filet mignon that I began marinating two days ago. It was good, but perhaps next Valentine's Day we can enjoy our meal together? I ate downstairs with roses from my boss, who knew they would surely be the only flowers I received, and a candle. (Not so) Sexy Nerd ate his upstairs, watching a rerun of Gold Rush in his recliner. I'd suggested he join me, but he declined in a "no hard feelings" sort of way.

No hard feelings, indeed.

He was recently drawn downstairs by the aroma of the from-scratch Devil's food cake baking. However, he was dismayed to learn I'm frustrated with him, so now he's back in the recliner, quite possibly waiting for me to bring him a slice of cake and an apology.


I can't stay mad at that crazy guy. All is forgiven.