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Overbudget? LOL

When considering our custom home builder, John Lowe of Panorama Homes, the only negative thing we heard was that he underestimates allowances, resulting in his projects finishing over budget. 

He might say to expect $4,000 for bathroom vanities and sinks, but spend $6,000. $2,500 for lighting instead of $5,000. Well-meaning friends and family didn't want us getting in over our heads. We were warned.

Apparently, these folks don't know me at all.

I scour the internet all day, every day for deals. It's a blast! Here are a few of the "premium" purchases I've made for our house so far:

VITA Eos XL pendant - made of approximately 6,000 goose feathers!
$942 retail - paid $100
DVI Chimera chandelier
$783 retail - paid $125
 Quatrefoil wall sconce
$124 retail - paid $20

Madison Park Eva bar stool
$300 retail - paid $50

(For our theater room. This is going to be the best house ever!)

 Bellflower pendant
Retail $313 - paid $100

 Napa Home & Garden Gavin Pendant
Retail $140 - paid $20

(Side note - this is huge and gorgeous and actually worth the retail price. Buy it! You'll find a place for it later.)

Whitehaus brushed nickel faucet
Retail $279 - paid $88

Oh, and ummm, a top-of-the-line security system. And an electrified gate. And a pack of ferocious guard dogs.

Which we shall refer to as "the hounds," obviously. Aren't Simpsons fanatics fun?

Oh! And snipers on the roof! Almost forgot about the snipers on the roof. How silly of me.

Also, don't be a dick and break into people's houses to steal their stuff. You're just as capable of finding these deals for yourself.

Our biggest savings of all? My heart was set on the enormous chandeliers I'd seen at Restoration Hardware. There were two big problems though. 

They're $2,500 each...and I need (yes, NEED) 3 of them. Searching for similar, yet affordable, chandeliers wasn't much luck either. When the lights you're envisioning are more than four feet (!!!) wide, your options are limited.

Well, guess what? Sexy Nerd is building our chandeliers! They're even going to look better than the ones at Restoration Hardware. (At least, Sexy Nerd insists they will. They had better.) We're adding a third ring (because the $2,500 light pictured above isn't grand enough?) and some copper accents. The DIY price of our "$7,500" chandeliers?

About $60 each. Have I mentioned lately that I love that Sexy Nerd of mine?

The hounds will be vigilantly protecting all of my deals except the 4' wide (and 7' tall!) chandeliers. Sexy Nerd says if someone can get up to the 16' ceiling and steal 100 pounds of chandelier without breaking their neck, they've earned it.

No promises that the hounds agree with him though.