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Email From My Dad

Reading this made me feel a lot better. Also, my suspicion is that the problem with #9 is the cemetery sold my family plots, then re-sold the same plots to double their profits and it's finally catching up to them. I've made the best parts bold.


I talked to Jackie and Andrew today.  They were at the mortuary with Grandma making the final arrangements.  Jackie said she is doing OK, and Grandma is doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances.  Here is my understanding of the sequence of events:

1.  They brought Grandpa home from the therapy place on Monday the 28th of March.  

2.  Andrew mentioned that he and a hospice worker gave Grandpa a bath sometime during this time frame, and that Grandpa hated it.  He also mentioned that Grandpa wasn't doing well and slept most of the time.

3.  Both Jackie and Andrew said that Grandpa had a really good day on Wednesday, the 30th as he seemed to rally.  Usually he complained about being too cold, but on this day he complained about being too warm and only wanted to be covered by a sheet.  They said that his breathing and his voice improved and that he said he wanted a beer and also a cup of coffee.  Jackie had a beer at her house that they gave him along with a cup of coffee.  They said he worked on the beer all day and finished almost all of it.

4.  Wednesday night he was sleeping peacefully, and Jackie said she continually checked on him.

5.  They believe he passed away around 06:30 AM on Thursday morning.  They both said that he seemed happy and had a smile on his face.

6.   Andrew said that he was scheduled for his next bath that day, and he thinks that is why Grandpa checked out when he did.

7.  Apparently Grandpa said that he did not want any services, so they are following his wishes.

8.  His body will be cremated and his ashes buried.  The cremation won't happen for another 7 to 10 days.

9.  Years ago when Donna Mae passed away, Grandma and Grandpa purchased burial plots for the whole family.  I remember some of this and seeing Donna Mae's grave.  It was so long ago that the cemetery is having problems locating the grave and burial plots.

10. The current thinking is to have a family get together/dinner to celebrate Grandpa's life.

I'll let you know as this unfolds.


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