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Luxury Home Photos

Probably to my builder's dismay, I'm constantly seeking inspiration for the house we're building. It makes it impossible to settle on a design! My favorite sites for home photos are not Pinterest or Houzz, but ones like Redfin, Zillow, and Sotheby's, where all the photos are real-life homes (not staged for a magazine) and unique. It occurred to me this morning that other folks might like to look through these too, so from now on, whenever I come across a particularly beautiful home, I'll share it here.


It's a charming, fairytale cottage.

Using the term "cottage" lightly, of course, as it's a sprawling 10,881 sq ft!

The dream home we're building is exactly like this house.

 Exactly like it, in that it will also have walls, floors, a ceiling, light fixtures, and a roof. Oh, and windows! Our house will also have doors and windows, exactly like this house has doors and windows.

Do all the homes in Greenwich, CT have such perfect yards?

This room is the "salon".

 The garage is nicer than my current house!

Ready to make an offer? It's only $12,750,000. Also, if you are ready to make an offer, I'm pretty sure you and I should be best friends.