Here for some puppy cuteness? Meet Olive and Bernadette.

We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

A Bloody Stump of a Foot

We had a bit of a drama-filled afternoon today. I stepped out of the shower, only to discover the floor drenched in blood!

Somehow, Pica had caught one of her toenails on her baby gate and ripped it right out. If she were a human baby, there'd surely be a lawsuit, right? Still, our poor little furbaby!

One gigantic claw

I held her steady as best I could. Jack Russell terriers don't really do "steady". There was always something twitching or shaking! Sexy Nerd applied styptic powder, which THANK GOODNESS we had on hand. If you have a pet, be sure to buy some of this. Ours came free with Pica's toenail clippers. In the 10+ years we've had her, we've used it only once before, when a nail was clipped a tad too short, and it stopped the bleeding almost instantly. This time, however.. kept bleeding...

...and bleeding...



After more than an hour of using my best wresting moves on Pica, and with almost all of our styptic powder gone, the bleeding finally began to subside. We decided to carry her around for at least another hour to keep her off her feet.

 Tuckered out from all the excitement.
And blood loss, quite possibly.

Sexy Nerd disappeared to the garage for a moment. He returned with duct tape and a wad of paper towels.

Problem solved!

Don't tell PETA.


Our little puppy is all better now. We watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad while relaxing with her. (Which, admittedly, we should have watched years ago, especially since we live in Albuquerque. It's every bit as good as everyone says, plus we recognize all the places from the bad part of town!) The show choice seemed a little eerie to me afterward though, when I was vigorously scrubbing dried blood from every room of our house. That little dog got around!


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