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Construction Week 1

We broke ground last week and have been amazed by how quickly everything is rolling along. Within only 4 days, the crew created a driveway, cut down all necessary trees, removed all the waste (including a pile of wood from when our crazy neighbor cut down a bunch of our trees, much to our dismay, but that's a story for another day), dug a pit/created a mountain, and more!

Photos from Week 1 of Construction (post 1 of 2)(click here for post 2 of 2)

Can you imagine how disappointed our neighbors must have been when they drove home and discovered a porta potty next door? Even worse, the neighbors on both sides of us just moved in and neither family had any idea construction was about to begin! I know there's no way around it, but I can't help feeling guilty. There are doorstep goody bags (with balloons!) in their future.

Truth be told, I don't look like I feel guilty at all in this photo.

On day 3, the ground was flat. The next day, we had our very own mountain!

When you discover you're the proud owner of a temporary mountain, you must climb it. 

We had a fairly good idea what our view would be like before all this began, but seeing it for the first time with the trees cleared was still a great surprise.

 "Yes, this will do nicely."
Building up the nerve to climb into the driver's seat for a photo. Is that allowed...or would the photo just be evidence against us? Perhaps we'll keep that one to ourselves.

The beetles had a rough day, what with getting run over and buried and clobbered and all. They're entertaining to watch (when they cross paths, they violently duke it out, only to continue on their merry way moments later) so I'm happy to see some survived.

Ask me how I feel about them the first time I find one in our house.

Right at home.