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The Biggest BBQ Mistake You Can Make

Summer has officially arrived, marked by 100+ degree weather here in New Mexico, a haircut for Biscuit (she looks so tiny now!), and homemade burgers on our patio. I arrived home from work recently to find a buffet of topping options on our kitchen island, courtesy of Sexy Nerd, and we quickly got to work building the perfect burgers.

I can never resist a unique sauce/dressing/topping/condiment/anything food whatsoever when it's on clearance, so we've accumulated quite a few unique burger topping options.

Mango Habanero Ketchup? Check.

Parsley Garlic Sauce? Of course.

Mojo Picon? Obviously.

Truffle Oil? You know it.

Wasabi Sauce? Duh.

Tabouli? Burger-topping extraordinaire.

Cranberry Horseradish Mustard? It actually tastes identical to everyday brown mustard. I may have been scammed on this one.

Pickled Beets? Is it even a burger without this?

Olive Paste? Olive you, olive paste.

The list goes on, and I had to find a way to include every single option. I divided my two burgers in half, essentially creating four gourmet varieties, threw on the mandatory cheese, onions, tomatoes, pickles, and lettuce, and joined Sexy Nerd on the patio.

I took a bite. Good, but nothing like I'd expected. Something was off with my burger. I continued eating, not sure what the problem was, until about halfway through. Oh...

I'd forgotten to add hamburger patties to my hamburgers.

On a side note, Sexy Nerd and I could not be more different. He omitted all of my fancy toppings and made two completely identical burgers. So boring, right?

To his credit though, he did remember to include the main ingredient.