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The Biggest Time Wasters on the Internet

Today I will...
...stop wasting so much time on the internet!

When Sexy Nerd and I were in Iceland last year, our Airbnb rental had Wi-Fi that worked great on his tablet and on his phone. On my tablet and on my phone? It did not work AT ALL. Weird, right? No matter how hard we tried (oh, how we tried!), my devices refused to acknowledge the existence of the perfectly functioning internet signals beaming all around them. It made me crazy.

A funny thing happened though. Without the internet constantly in my life, I was able to think more creatively, enjoy my free time better, and even came up with a few genius ideas for my novel (you know, the one I've been working on for the last decade, darn internet).

No mindlessly scrolling through my never-ending Facebook feed. No "just checking my email real quick". It was like my brain had been freed! 

Of course, you probably can't just ban the internet from your life altogether. How would you keep up with your favorite website, Kitty Deschanel: A Sexy (Nerd) Lifestyle Blog? (LOL!) Today though, you're going to think of your biggest time waster. Is it Twitter? Instagram? You're going to close it and I recommend going so far as to delete its app. Delete it! Challenge yourself to see how long you can go without visiting the site. You can even modify your parental control settings to block it.

My biggest time waster? It isn't any of these. Mine is a delightful website that goes on forever, tempting me with photos of glistening marble countertops and cheery yellow-painted clawfoot tubs. I'm on page 793 of the site and there's seemingly no end.

I'm looking at you, Home Bunch.

Today, for the first time since discovering the site months ago, I've closed the tab on my browser. Aaaah, so much more free time, just like that! I feel like such a responsible adult. I may even skip Home Bunch altogether from now on.

Which site will you be fasting from today?

If you've never heard of until now, this post to help you stop wasting time may have the opposite effect. I'm sorry.

This post is part of my #TodayIWill series of self improvement blog posts.


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