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Bad News! Construction Weeks 2 and 3

Everything went so smoothly during our first week of construction, clearing trees and dirt faster than we'd imagined, that we began to expect the entire process would be much easier than everyone had said. People have been voicing their concerns to us ever since we purchased our lot. Clearly, though, everyone else was wrong.


First, the good:
(Keeping with the theme of our last two weeks of construction, this part is brief.)

Five years in, we finally brought Pica and Biscuit to see their future home. After many attempts to get them both to look at the camera, this was our second best result.
Small dogs = small attention spans.

Close enough. 

Thus ends the "good" portion of this construction update. On to the bad.

Oh, it's so bad.

GIANT ROCKS!!! (Oh no!) 

There were barely any rocks found during the first week of construction, but with only a small section of earthwork to go, the crew hit rock, rock, and more rock.

Special equipment had to be brought in, all at an extra expense not covered by our construction loan.

A week later, rock is still being removed. We have no idea what this is going to end up costing. So why all the smiles? It could have been sooo much worse, especially if this equipment hadn't been able to handle the rock, which the crew was iffy about.

Plus, all these rocks will be great for landscaping. You know, with 13.1 acres of rocks, we'd hate to run out of rocks for landscaping.
Gotta stay positive!

See how close we were to not hitting any rock?

Note there are no photos of Sexy Nerd in this post. The construction stress is getting to him and he has been such a big sourpuss that he refused to be photographed.

Don't feel too bad for him though. I just read him what I wrote and he had a good laugh. He also insisted that if anyone has been a sourpuss, it's me. But, of course...


What is going on with my hips in this photo?!

At least our new neighborhood has a beautiful golf course where we can go to unwind after a stressful day of construction issues.

After the last two weeks, I have a feeling we're going to be at the golf course a lot!

(And, on a completely different subject that I'm not sure I should even mention, everyone warns not to wear a peplum shirt because it makes it look like you have a giant butt. I said "Oh, but not this peplum shirt." Whoops!)