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Construction Week 4 - Muuuch Better!

Remember all those terrible rocks I told you about? Well, right after my last construction post, we stopped having to worry about digging up giant sandstone boulders. Because once we got through all that annoying, expensive sandstone...

...we hit a solid sheet of GRANITE. (*sob*)

But guess what? Just a few days later, the world's best construction crew had everything taken care of.


I know I should be a home-building expert by now, but that's at odds with my naturally cheap frugal ways. Sexy Nerd has explained to me again and again why we couldn't just build the house on top of the granite and it makes sense every time he says it...but it's not like the giant slabs of granite were going anywhere, right??

I understand...not really.

At the beginning of the week, we had mountains and mountains of dirt.

But by Saturday...

...they'd all disappeared!

Sayanora, you &*%#ing rocks.

During week 4 of construction, I also got to meet a few more of our neighbors. They seem nice.

Their dog loooves to bark at us. 

Which is not very nice of her, considering she's technically on our property.

Also, we're so happy the new neighbors seem to be understanding about moving their fence! I've considered just letting it stay (what's a few feet when we have more than 13 acres?), but we've heard that can be a liability.

Funny enough, it turns out one of our new neighbors works for a dentist, just like I have for the past 11+ years. But we didn't discuss it because I thought Sexy Nerd had already told her where I work when they'd met a few weeks ago, back when he found out she works for a dentist. He hadn't.

Another great thing that happened during week 4?

We got a water meter!

Isn't it funny the things that seem exciting when you're building a house?

See this crazy guy next to me? In what I'm sure will make a great future blog post, he's planning to move a pile of granite from one end of our lot to the other, all by himself, rather than have the construction crew move the same rocks in 20 minutes.

Blogging gold, that husband of mine.