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How Did My Sleep Study Go?

Let's begin this post with an image. Hmmm, which one should I use? Which one, which one? Ah, this sums things up nicely. It's perfect:

I've been on a cancellation list with a local sleep study specialist to finally, finally get to the bottom of my lifelong insomnia for several months. They never had any openings, so I was forced to be patient and wait for my scheduled appointment like some sort of...patient person. I haven't gotten enough sleep this week month year lifetime - that's the best I can come up with.

Last night was my appointment. The sleep study was held at the Drury hotel in a comfy room and included a top-notch breakfast as a reward after a night hooked up to dozens of wires and electrodes. Not that insomniacs need extra incentive to do the study, of course. The reward we hope for is better sleep! So, how was the sleep study I've waited all these months for?

I didn't go.


My job for the last 12 years has been to assist patients with their insurance questions. I am an insurance whiz! (No exaggeration - this is the actual job title listed for me on our dental office website. I am our office insurance whiz.) To summarize, here is what happened:

1. I scheduled an appointment with Office #1. I was going to get in right away and they were going to solve all my problems and turn my life into one perfect fairytale dreamland.
2. My boss HATES Office #1 (for no real reason, I'm pretty sure) and insisted I go to Office #2 instead. I listened.
3. I called my insurance company to double check Office #2 was a "preferred" in-network provider for my plan. Insurance is way, waaay too complicated. Did you know in-network and preferred in-network are two completely different things? It's a mistake (an intentional mistake made by the insurance companies, I'm fairly certain) that can result in hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars out of pocket. Luckily for me, my insurance representative confirmed Office #2 was "preferred" and that my cost would be lower as a result.
4. Months and months go by. I call a few times to get in sooner, but no luck. Finally, it's time for my appointment. Yippee! My entire life is going to change and everything will be perfect from now on! Ever cautious, and rightfully suspicious of anything insurance-related, I pull up my insurance website.
5. Office #2 is listed as in-network, but not preferred in-network. Oh no!
6. I panic. I maybe even cry (just a little). I call Office #2. No worries, they reassure me. They ARE a preferred in-network provider for my plan! They even double check. Yes, they are exactly what I need them to be and all is right with the world. Whew!
7. Just to be safe, I run this information by my insurance company. Keeping in mind they are the ones who told me originally that Office #2 is preferred in-network, I'm not too worried. Well, guess what?

OFFICE #2 IS NOT PREFERRED IN-NETWORK!!! They never were. Why did the original insurance representative tell me otherwise? Nobody knows. Why does Office #2 think they are preferred in-network when they actually are not? Because medical insurance is too flipping complicated!

8. (The icing on the cake.) I make an appointment with Office #1, which is 100% for certain a preferred in-network provider and who I could have seen a long, long time ago. They schedule my initial consultation for their next available opening. Today is September 28, 2016. When is my consultation?

The end of March, 2017.

Oh, I just remembered the real, real icing on the cake. You know how my boss hates Office #1? It turns out she had them confused with someone else.

I've finally had my sleep study. So many wires!


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