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Construction Photos: It's All in the Details

Another construction-crammed post already?? We're finally building our dream home. It's too exciting not to share!

Unlike my previous post, I'll try to rein in my rambling on this one and just share photos. You can jump to your own conclusion on things, such as whether or not some of the windows appear to be tied with string.

(They totally do. Ack!)

View from the Foyer
My Office


Hallway Bathroom

I know I'm supposed to be skipping the commentary, but it's worth pointing out that, yes, that is a curved floor to go underneath the bathroom vanity. It's a crazy house, so why not?

Master Bedroom

See the fireplace? It's going to look real, but won't actually be functional because YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH A FIREPLACE COSTS. Seriously, it's disgusting.

My Closet

Sexy Nerd insisted on adding skylights to my closet, though I begged to remove them from the plan for months. He says they will not fade or affect my clothing in any way whatsoever. I'd like to believe him, but then I look at the curtains in our current bedroom, which are high quality and fairly new and are faded/ruined/destroyed by the sun. My clothes are afraid and I'm afraid for them.

Theater Room Ceiling

I couldn't picture this before it was framed and I can't picture it now. Sexy Nerd says I'm going to love it, but it looks like there is a small border around one side that is not duplicated on the other side, which leads me to believe I'm going to hate it. Fingers crossed that I'm wrong on this one.

Hallway Ceiling

It looks asymmetrical to me, but Sexy Nerd insists that's just in my head. You see it too, right?


I can't wait to get it out of our current dining room, where it has been taking up space for nearly TWO YEARS!

Looking into the Theater Room

Hallway Skylight

I've bought the perfect 4' carved panel to place in the opening, which I'm hoping will cast a beautiful pattern on the floor below.

Also, I seem to be having trouble with the whole "no commentary" thing on this blog post.


Sexy Nerd and the crew at Panorama Homes have affectionately named this "the crapper window".


(Oh, who am I kidding? That's funny.)

Back of the House

Living Room

Oh, I just can't wait to live in this house!