And the Award for Cutest Plover Goes to...

Blogger may have murdered yesterday's California blog post (I've been stewing and steaming with rage mulling it over ever since and it can't be user error, as Blogger automatically saves. This very post has been auto-saved twice already), but the Snowy Plover must be shared with the world, even if that means re-blogging the exact same content again and again. You will never get me down, Blogger!

Just in case though, methinks I'd better back up my blog ASAP. Blogger = Google = All Knowing and All Powerful.

We visited Surf Beach near Vandenberg AFB and the highlight was watching the near-endangered ("threatened", per the endangered species list) Snowy Plover frolic along the shore. Watch their teensie legs!

If we moved to California, we could go to the beach to watch the Snowy Plovers all the time. We could even help protect them! Don't you want to save the Snowy Plover, Sexy Nerd?