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A Whirlwind Trip Home for My BFF

Sarah, Jessica, and I have been BFFs for as long as I can remember. We met in elementary school and our friendship somehow survived my move from San Jose to Albuquerque at the end of 7th grade. In our cookie cutter neighborhood, we lived in the same single-story floor plan. At the ripe old age of 12, we asserted our independence by strolling the local mall and watching Liar, Liar unchaperoned. Still, living so far from each other and without any of our original interests to pull us together, like Sega games, bike riding, and Sailor Moon (who am I kidding? At 33, I still love Sailor Moon), you'd think we might drift apart.

Nonsense. We're the 3 musketeers! And we have been ever since that candy bar commercial came out in the 90s. Big on chocolate, not on fat!

3 girls having fun
Sarah on the left, Jessica on the right, and that poor girl being cannibalized in the middle is yours truly. 

I haven't seen either of these crazy gals since my "second" wedding (also to Sexy Nerd - long story) almost 10 years ago. You may have seen Jessica on a TV commercial or making an appearance as a newscaster on Doctor Who. Sarah and I haven't had quite as exciting of a life. We both like to travel, so I guess that's something. I'm upset with the universe right now because Sexy Nerd has a business trip to Las Vegas that was going to be the perfect opportunity for me to finally hang out with Sarah again. It's an entire week in a fancy hotel on the strip and we were going to see Britney and Mariah and all our other favorites and have the Best. Time. Ever.

But, the universe is a big, smelly jerk. It turns out that my coworker, who never, ever takes any time off, just so happens to be gone the exact same week as the Vegas trip. So, I'm stuck working. (Unless I quit...which I almost certainly would never do, especially after almost 13 why can't I stop mulling the idea around? Bad brain.) On two of the days, we don't even have patients. I can't go to Vegas because I have to answer the phone. Isn't there anyone else who can answer the phone? What is this madness?! 

Going on 3 decades of friendship

I've really gone off on a tangent here. The point of this rambling is that after many years of pestering, Sarah has written a guest blog post! She moved to London this year but was suddenly deported to Spain, alone and without her belongings. Did I mention Sarah's a bit of a wild one? Below is her story of getting back to the United States, complete with shopping and fashion tips. She's just like a real-life Becky Bloomwood.

Thank GOD for United Airlines, who kindly and quietly reseated me on the next plane to California after I missed my half-an-hour-away connecting flight! I had no clue where the air train was to the next gate, so I ended up walking about a mile to another terminal with mountains of gifts and clothes, all scattered throughout my boyfriend's Karrimor backpack and three tearing paper shop bags. It's time I buy some luggage. The best part was, it had just started to rain in Newark, and I finally got to leave the airport and get a breath of fresh air after getting detained, deported and sat on a three-ticket journey back to America. The sky was damp, cloudy, and smelt of saltwater. Ahhh. Luckily, on the way out of customs (security?) to the OUTSIDE, I glanced at the most beautiful painting I had ever seen of the white sands of Dover. I guess I know where I'm going on my next vacation! I tried looking it up, but couldn't find the location. I swear it was a beach. Is it in Delaware? New Jersey? Is it a nature preserve? I'm just going to have to go back to that very wall on that very corner at that very airport. The good thing is, I'd have to anyway if I were going there!

So I ran into Johnston & Murphy's while being denied drinks at all the bars at Newark Liberty International because I am a bag lady. I was caught up by the great earthy styles and fabrics for this year's summer footwear. Stole a catalog and was really impressed by everything! Here are my picks for your best outdoor parties and gatherings, under string lights and between hazy red punch bowls.
pretty sandal
pumps made out of cork
cork sandals for summer

I took a second look at these amazing Men's Shirts and Polos! All those soft, kissable fabrics will ramp up any weekend away or sweltering night in our fancy, Acapulco-like weather. I'm buying them for all my dates!! I'm drooling!!
shirts for men
Side note from Kitty Deschanel: Oh, Sarah. *rolls eyes*
(Sorry, I couldn't resist.)
My idea of a beautiful cork is the one keeping bugs out of my Rosé. I'd never even heard of Johnston & Murphy's before this and I am currently wearing Crocs. Crocs! 
You are too fancy for me, you nut.


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