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A Pig's Butt

With a post title like that, you know this is going to be a good one.

SN and I recently enjoyed a weekend with his family in a Kansas farming town. We stayed with his aunt and uncle, visited the mayor (his grandpa), and marveled in all the small town for a stroll down a residential street.

While we waited to cross that street, stopping to look both ways more out of habit than necessity, a homeowner ran out to us. He asked if we were lost. I thought he was excited to have someone new to talk to, even if it was only to give directions. SN said we'd better end our stroll, lest the sheriff come question the strangers in town.

When we returned home, I decided to send a little thank you gift to SN's aunt for her hospitality. I found the cutest plate online and was sure she would love it.
Look at this little piggy plate. Isn't it adorable? Wouldn't you be so surprised and happy to receive it in the mail?

I liked the design so much that I ordered a second plate for myself. Then, I waited. An email with tracking information arrived for the plate I'd sent to SN's aunt. I waited some more.

A second email arrived a few days later, but instead of revealing when I would receive my plate, it informed me my order had been canceled. My cute piggy plate had sold out. At least Bed Bath & Beyond sent the other plate, I thought. It was scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

After work the next day, I arrived home to a puzzled husband. He was staring at his phone. "What did you send my aunt?" he asked. I read her text.

Hi there! We got this today in the mail! I just don't know if it's what you ordered. May want to check it out? We love your thoughtfulness though!

I scrolled to the photo she had sent. Then, I died from embarrassment. Yes, I am writing this blog post from beyond the grave.

I may have also died from laughing so hard.

What would you serve on a plate like this? More importantly, WHAT MUST SHE HAVE THOUGHT WHEN SHE OPENED THIS PRESENT FROM ME?!

SN informed his aunt that Bed Bath & Beyond had sent her the wrong end of the pig. I look forward to having my breakfast served on this hog's butt every time I visit her from now on.


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