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Outdoor Meditation Space

Outdoor Meditation Space
How to Create an Outdoor Meditation Space

Confession: I'm skeptical that the woman above is in her yard. I dig her peaceful, zen vibe though. Okay, on to the guest post...

Meditation is about finding peace within, even when you’re under a tremendous amount of stress. Sometimes meditation is easy, but sometimes it’s difficult, and we have to concentrate hard in order to get to the place where we feel free and unburdened. Where you choose to meditate is important; the setting should help you find your own inner balance.

Outdoor Meditation Space

Can I meditate at home? Yes, and if you have a yard, large or small, you can transform it into a meditation oasis using the following tips.

Creating a Meditation Space: The Groundwork

Survey the outdoor space you have to work with. Is there a part of your yard with shade? A favorite plant with a pleasant scent? If you don’t live alone, remember that your garden will be used by others, so find a spot where you can be on your own. 

Think about how you can divide the meditation area from the rest of the garden without having to build walls or fences. Potted plants can help achieve this. Mind the terrain too, as flat earth will provide a different experience than the challenge of a sloped hill.

tips for creating a meditation space at home

Creating a Meditation Space: Block the Noise

It’s difficult to find peace within when you’re surrounded by deafening noise. Often, gardens aren’t as quiet as we would like them to be. If it’s silent enough, you’re lucky. If your space could benefit from sound reduction, consider planting a hedge or installing a fence to create an audio buffer between yourself and your neighbors. 

A water feature can create a soothing sound and many are available that simply plug into an exterior outlet. The melody of bells on a wind chime can give your mind an intentional sound to focus on, rather than wandering to stray noises down the street. You can also use small, portable speakers to play relaxing music. A bird feeder can attract the songs of nature.

create a meditation space at home with a water feature

Creating a Meditation Space: Make it Comfortable

You will be more inclined to spend time in your yard if it is comfortable. If the surface is too hot, cold, or hard, the experience will not be as rewarding and you will be tempted to end your meditation early or avoid it altogether. It’s a good idea to cover the space to protect yourself from the elements. 

A large umbrella or custom shade sail will allow you to use your meditation area whether it’s sunny or raining. Incense sticks, fluffy blankets, and soft cushions will help you get comfortable and find peace. If insects are a distraction, a citronella candle may offer relief.

Creating a Meditation Space: Improve Your Sensory Experience with Supplies

Technically, you only need your body and your breath in order to meditate. Anything else you choose to use should assist with your practice, not distract. With meditation, it is good to embrace minimalism. 

Music, cushions, beads, singing bowls, and incense can be useful tools, but remove them if you find they are distracting. Having a focal point is useful because it allows you to focus your attention there, and you can perhaps make a small altar and decorate it with candles (battery-operated, if fire is a concern) and scarves.

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This looks exactly like one of my favorite bloggers, Heather Spohr. Weird.

Creating a Meditation Space: Enjoy the View

While you can work hard to create a view you will love, you may find that there is something of beauty in your yard already. Views that exist in your garden can be helpful for meditation and you can use them as focal points instead of altars or statues. 

Find a view that you enjoy and try framing it, removing items from sight that don't enhance the experience. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tree, a rose bush, the horizon, a bird feeder, or just a stack of colorful stones. As long as it inspires you, it’s a good view. If the neighbor’s fence, the trash cans, or your garage distract you too much, you could get a green bamboo hedge to hide the view and surround yourself with greenery.

natural source of relaxation at home

Meditation will help you stay calm and focused even when you’re under pressure, but expect that it may take time to see results. There will be days when you have a hard time focusing and that does not mean you should give up. As with most things in life, meditation improves with practice. With determination and patience, you can achieve anything.