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Holiday Movie Trivia

I've been working on some fun holiday Facebook posts for our pediatric dental office. I originally published all of the quotes at once and was disappointed when no one reacted or commented. Then Facebook kept suggesting that it was such a great post, I should pay to turn it into an ad and I realized no one had responded because no one had seen it. Well if that doesn't get your tinsel in a tangle...

Reconfigured repost later (from home, on Sunday, past my bedtime, for free - BEST employee ever right here), our Albuquerque patients are loving it.

Christmas Movie Trivia
Can you name all of these movies with only a quote from each? Bonus points if you can also tell me which character said each line.

Guess as many as you want. Or just enjoy my silly Christmas photos. Working in a children's office is the best!

We all get into the Christmas spirit (even my boss, who is Jewish), but no one takes it quite as far as my coworker, Marie. She encouraged our patients to wear her hat, bu…

River of Lights ABQ (and a Date Night OOPS)

SN and I have lived in New Mexico many years, but had never visited (or wanted to visit) the River of Lights event that is held during the holidays every year at the botanical garden. At $12 per person, the tickets seemed too expensive, especially as I'd seen the remnants of the exhibits during the day while there during the spring. Yes, I thought the dozen or so scraps that were scattered around represented the entire thing. But guess what?

The River of Lights at the ABQ BioPark is HUGE. We spent more than an hour there last night and could probably have stayed even longer. We're old though (and pitifully out of shape for our 30s) and our legs were tired from walking so much. I forgot how enormous the Albuquerque botanical gardens is.

A quick story before I get to the photos - we nearly missed the River of Lights last night. The weather was perfect, around 40 degrees with no wind or rain, and I was certain the crowd would increase by Thursday night, when Winter Break begins …

Party Ideas From Your (Antisocial) Holiday Hostess With the Mostest

I was just scheduling one of our dental patients for December 21st, our last day in the office for 2018, and said we'll see them next week, then thought that couldn't possibly be right. December 21st is next week?! Where the heck has my year gone?

I'd better publish this post before it turns into Merry Thanksgivmas.

SN and I hosted Thanksgiving in our new home this year. Despite all our antisocial impulses (we're essentially hermits), we had a blast! Bring on the socializing! 
Actually, we did bring on the socializing with another small dinner party and overnight guests the very next weekend. And that was quite enough for these two introverts. No more socializing until 2019, please.
We went even bigger and better than last year's Thanksgiving. We even had a seating chart! Martha Stewart would be so proud.

#1 must-have item when hosting Thanksgiving = adorable turkey invitations
I made these, and the other printables in this post, for free in Canva and emailed them to our…

Holiday Decorating In Our New Mountain Dream Home

We decorated our home for Christmas yesterday and woke up in a snowy winter wonderland today.

There are more photos of our hallway in the post, The Great Wallpaper Mural Indecision.

I'm pretty sure this is my favorite photo of Biscuit of all time.
Though this is a close second.