Holiday Movie Trivia

I've been working on some fun holiday Facebook posts for our pediatric dental office. I originally published all of the quotes at once and was disappointed when no one reacted or commented. Then Facebook kept suggesting that it was such a great post, I should pay to turn it into an ad and I realized no one had responded because no one had seen it. Well if that doesn't get your tinsel in a tangle...

Reconfigured repost later (from home, on Sunday, past my bedtime, for free - BEST employee ever right here), our Albuquerque patients are loving it.

Christmas Movie Trivia

Can you name all of these movies with only a quote from each? Bonus points if you can also tell me which character said each line.

Guess as many as you want. Or just enjoy my silly Christmas photos. Working in a children's office is the best!

christmas movie trivia questions

name the holiday movie trivia

xmas movie quiz

 We all get into the Christmas spirit (even my boss, who is Jewish), but no one takes it quite as far as my coworker, Marie. She encouraged our patients to wear her hat, but with one rule - they must also dance. Even the teenagers joined in!

Merry Christmas to all of my bloggy friends who celebrate!


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