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A Comedy of Errors (Happy Fifteen Year Anniversary, Sexy Nerd!)

15 years ago, my life took a happy turn when I went on a date to the China King buffet in Albuquerque (still our favorite) with the best guy ever. It would have been 15 years ago yesterday, but he couldn't make it because he was taking his Grandpa to the Natural History museum. (See? Best guy ever.) At his insistence, he even paid - my only date to ever do that!

We were just kids when we met. I wasn't even old enough to drink. Sexy Nerd received a word of warning from his Grandma before our first date, insisting he be cautious and make sure I wasn't just after his money. It gave both of us starving college students a good laugh. What money?

We're not actually able to see each other at all today, as Sexy Nerd left on a business trip yesterday and won't be home until tomorrow. I contacted the Marriott Kansas City Overland Park about this and they are going to arrange for some nice anniversary surprises. I'm not sure what will be a surprise to both of us!

When he's not building me another fabulous contraption for our new home or ensuring ours is the most beautiful yard in the neighborhood, he's cooking a multi-course dinner for my parents, washing my car as a surprise, taking me to enjoy live theater, or just being a good sport about my constant ridicule of his Mini Cooper. 

It's not my fault the ridicule is constant. That darn car is broken again. It caught fire on the freeway on Tuesday. "Just a little fire," Sexy Nerd is quick to point out. Anyone want to buy a Mini Cooper?

photos of a happy marriage
Our 15 years together have included some questionable footwear.

Happy anniversary, my Sexy Nerd! I love you forever! 😍


This post seemed so sweet, right? Well, it's now 7:12 pm and I have a ridiculous update.

I've been wondering all day about that romantic surprise. Would the hotel sneak something into his room, anniversary ninja style? What would it be??

I called Sexy Nerd after work and he didn't mention anything, other than that the heat was broken in the first room they assigned him so they moved him to another room. It didn't seem like the sort of thing that would derail whatever the Marriott Kansas City Overland Park had planned, but it was getting pretty late in the day for them not to have done anything yet.

"Poor Marriott," I teased. "You broke their heater."

"But I just got here."

Well that didn't make any sense. "Aren't you at the Marriott Kansas City Overland Park?!"

Oblivious to the panic in my voice, Sexy Nerd said, "I checked out this morning. Now I'm staying by the airport."


That's nothing though. I really should have accompanied my Sexy Nerd on this business trip. If I had, his schedule would have been altered by at least a few seconds and this would surely not have happened today:
 car accident on our anniversary
That's our little red suitcase.

Or this:

the anniversary and the bmw
When they advertise luxury cars for your anniversary, I don't think this is quite what they mean.

My poor Sexy Nerd was at a complete stop in a construction zone and a teenager (in a BMW!) smashed into him. She realized at the last moment that traffic was stopped and veered into the median, taking out the corner of his rental car on the way.

He's okay, thank goodness. (She's okay too, but I don't have much sympathy for someone who texts while driving.) This is not how I'd envisioned our 15-year anniversary going.

No worries though. We'll top this next year. It should be easy peasy with the bar set so low.

anniversary collage


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