Cruising Canada On the Costa Atlantica

Photos From Our Costa Atlantica Cruise - The Good
(What little there was before Costa tried to kill us.)

Below is a post I started in 2011 and only just now realized I never posted, 8 years later. Crazy!

Costa formal night
Also crazy? Look how young we were! Who allowed these children unescorted on a cruise?

Remember my post 'No Cruising Since October? That Won't Do!'? Last year, Sexy Nerd and I embarked on an almost 2 week cruise from Quebec to NYC. Yes, last year. I really am behind on my blogging. That, and this was such a bad cruise. A truly, disgustingly bad cruise, and we will never recommend Costa to anyone as long as we live. I've read that Costa has not done well in North America and it doesn't surprise me one bit.

For this post, however, let's focus on the good.

The Itinerary
We loved this itinerary, even in the Spring when it was a bit chilly. Canada is our favorite cruise destination. We'd love to go in the Fall when the leaves are changing.
  1. Quebec
  2. Saguenay
  3. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
  4. Sydney
  5. Halifax
  6. Bar Harbor
  7. Boston (The city looked okay through our window. We were unable to leave the ship because Costa had made us and most of our fellow passengers violently ill with Norovirus, then pretended they hadn't and refused to quarantine or even feed any of us.)(So much for focusing on the good. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.)
  8. Newport
  9. New York CityCosta Atlantica review
  10. I always knew SN was the king of the world.

    cruise ship arcade

    cruise ship balcony
    We paid for an interior stateroom (no windows) and were upgraded to a balcony, even as first-time Costa passengers. Woo hoo! (And we would still never sail with them again. That's how awful it was.)

    room service on a cruise
    Pre-Norovirus, free room service

    cruse line with the most beautiful decor

    cute young married couple

    stormy weather at sea

    Look at my effortless, silky curls! I never realized living in the dry New Mexico desert required such a sacrifice for my hair. Usually, it's just a big fluffball.

      beautiful sunset photo of the ocean

    cruise ship chapel shenanigans
    Is a cruise ship church a real church?

    always bring binoculars on a cruise

    you can save a lot on a cruise during the off season

    binoculars at sea and in port

    canada tourism

    french mcdonalds

    the streets of quebec

    We love Quebec!

    Costa Atlantica in the background

      favorite cruise ship stops

    giant violin

      anne of green gables island
      A cruise of Prince Edward Island is a must-do for any Anne of Green Gables fan.

      cold weather cruising
    a beautiful day in the park

    purple house
    I really wanted to take a photo of this cute purple house, but it seemed wrong to just photograph a stranger's home without permission. (This was back in the pre-Instagram days of 2010.) SN was a good sport.

    Canada Harbourwalk

    giant green lobster
    I told SN that he's my lobster and he didn't get the reference. SMH

    citadel in Canada

    Canada is our favorite place to cruise

    Bar Harbor shore path

    recovering from norovirus
    Going through these photos in 2019, I just realized these are the same exact jeans I still wear today. Maybe it's time to splurge on a new $20 pair.

    happy to be off the costa atlantica