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Feng Shui for Sleep

As a chronic insomniac, I've tried just about everything to improve my sleep. You know those weird acupressure pillows that promise to help you catch more Z's in a relaxing, zen stabbing you in the head and neck with sharp plastic? Yeah, I have one of those. When you suffer from idiopathic insomnia, you're willing to give anything a chance.

Still, Feng Shui for sleep? It sounded a bit far fetched.

Feng Shui for Sleep

When I heard that feng shui has been recommended as an insomnia treatment, I'll admit I was skeptical. In fact, my first thought was of a quote from The Simpsons.

The Simpsons feng shui quote
I should totally add this to my Simpsons Quiz, by the way.

Feng Shui for Sleep

The technical definition of feng shui is:

 "A system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi), with favorable or unfavorable effects taken into account when siting buildings."

Reading that is already putting me to sleep. It sounds kinda boring, right? That's what I used to think.

The more I researched it, the more I realized feng shui is a way to make your home more peaceful, calm, and relaxing - a place to be free from stress. That, my bloggy friends, is exactly what a lifelong insomniac likes to hear.

Here is everything you need to know to increase the tranquility of your bedroom and the rest of your home, feng shui-style.
bedroom guide for feng shui

Start Simply

Incorporating this into your life should not be difficult, even if you're sleep deprived. Here are five feng shui tips to keep in mind:

1. Pairs are perfect. Feng shui prizes balance over everything, keeping a balance between the two main life forces (yin and yang!) is the key to harmony and peace. Having two of everything is always a good rule of thumb. Items don’t have to match, but aim for two accent pillows, two candlesticks on the mantel, a pair of framed pictures on the wall or two plants on a windowsill.

2. Harsh straight lines can create “poison arrows” letting all the good energy flow out. Try to find seating with rounded arms and backs, decor with smooth sides and find fun ways of aligning pictures on the wall instead of a boring grid.

3. Clear walkways. Going back to that clutter point, clean surfaces and clear walking paths are essential to help energy properly flow through a space. Even for small spaces, create comfortable paths around furniture and pull it away from the walls by an inch or two to help with flow.

4. Keep it light on your walls. Frames, shelving, art and anything else you want to hang should be kept as light as possible. Heavy items can create a “cutting” effect, making the space feel less secure and balanced. If you have an ornate or heavy frame, pick a wall that’s not above the couch to soften the cutting energy.

5. Reposition your room. Speaking of security, furniture should always have at least the front two legs “grounded” on rug and not placed under beams or windows. Beds should be facing the door but not aligned with it, solid headboards are a plus too!
Find Your Balance

One of the best parts about creating a space that truly feels like home is that you can fully relax after a long day. You can express your true self. Stress can creep up on everyone sometimes and having your home set up to greet you with a calm energy is a great way to help unwind each day. One of the best parts? Feng shui is a budget-friendly way to create a more balanced home - you can simply rearrange what you already have!

A good first step in practicing feng shui is taking a holistic look at your space as a whole. Any work you do to create areas for relaxation will be undermined if the rest of your house causes stress. Common issues to look for would be places that collect clutter or piles of items waiting to be donated or broken that need to be thrown out. Do a sweep of your home and clear out unwanted items to kick off your feng shui project.

Take a closer look at your larger items, such as your furniture, to see if they need replacing as well. That may sound expensive, but even traditionally higher priced items like mattresses can be found at a variety of price points and they’re often the items you use the most. Making foundational changes to improve your comfort and essentials like sleep will go a long way each day in helping you truly relax.

An easy method to quickly move though your home to create balance is to use something called a bagua chart. Like a cross between a guide and a map, the bagua chart helps identify areas of your life as they correspond with your physical surroundings. Align the chart using the main entrance of your home and match it up as best you can to overlay the chart on the space. Strategically selecting and featuring decor according to the bagua works to focus the energy and improve that area of your life. Along with clearing out the clutter, literally and mentally, take a look at the bagua and identify some areas you’d like to highlight moving forward.

Feng Shui Bagua Chart
Relaxation Station

With your entire home now prepped and balanced, take some time and identify one or two places that you want to truly transform into a cozy spot for relaxing. Love reading? Find a sunny spot for a comfy chair. Or maybe having all your friends together for dinner parties is how you unwind after a long week? If so, you’ll need a dining area that you love.

The bagua is merely a guide, so if you might have an outdoor space you’d like to focus on, just expand the chart to cover all the space you’re including. Starting with the areas that you’ll be using the most not only focuses your efforts, but guarantees it will be time well spent when you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Once you have your areas selected, take another look at the bagua chart and see if there are any specific decor additions that might be helpful. Remember, feng shui is a budget-friendly design idea, so shop around your home and find new spots for items you already own. This is perfect when you’re ready for a new look, but your wallet isn't.

feng shui infographic

Improving your home and your life should be enjoyable, so do this with a lighthearted spirit and have fun. Feng shui is practiced with “cures” like the ones listed above, not rules! Start with a little change and build from there, or go all-in with something major. The changes you make will help you find balance and relaxation at home.


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