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Mindfulness, the Most Impossible 'Easy' Thing to Do

Mindfulness is simply being present in the moment. It sounds easy, right?

I'd love to blame this one on jet-lag.

meditation story

This morning, I rolled off of my Amerisleep mattress feeling completely unlike my usual, lazy self. Today, I was full of determination. I was going to accomplish everything (everything!) on my To Do list, even the items that have been there forever. Yes, I was finally going to tackle the mess that is my office.

And exercise!

And stop eating sugar!!

And write a stack of long overdue thank you notes!!!

It was going to be quite a day. With the help of Alexa, guiding me through my Amazon Echo Dot, I completed a meditation session before I'd even had my coffee. Feeling very zen, I decided I would practice mindfulness while making my morning latte - feeling the weight of the cool mug, listening to the sound of the milk being poured, inhaling the aroma of the freshly ground beans. I rejected all outside distractions and was 100% in the moment. Aaaahhhhh.

I don't think I did it right.

While engaging in my mindfulness exercise, I was feeling pretty impressed with myself, the Earthy, hippie-yoga master that I am. Mindfulness, I repeated in my head. Mindfulness. I frothed the milk in my mug and slowly added the hot coffee. I topped my latte with cinnamon and took a seat in the living room, ignoring the stack of magazines on the end table because I was a mellow, mindfulness master.

Only, I was perhaps a bit too focused on the mindfulness thing. My latte was disgusting.

It turns out that constantly prompting yourself to stay in-the-moment, at least for me, is terribly distracting. Mindfulness, mindfulness, mindfulness, I'd reminded myself during every step of my morning latte routine...including as I filled my mug to the brim with cold milk instead of hot coffee without even noticing.

mindfulness exercise with coffee
Frothed milk + cold milk does not a latte make


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