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Mojito Watermelon Recipe from Wine & Wagyu (Angel Fire, NM)

Oh, it's the most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas already? Even better. We're celebrating wine festival season! I've even brought you home a souvenir this time.

Here in New Mexico, we're spoiled with stunning scenery and a unique culinary heritage, which result in some of the best wine festivals in the USA. There's something for everyone with the Wine & Wagyu Weekend in gorgeous Angel Fire, followed by the Taos Summer Wine Festival in the prestigious Taos Ski Valley.

Calling all Instagrammers. These fields of flowers are just growing on the side of the road in Angel Fire, NM. They have the world's most beautiful wine festival setting without even trying.
If I had to choose, I'd say Angel Fire is best if you're a cowboy at heart and Taos is best if you're more of a free-spirited hippie. I'd be crushed to miss either though, so think of me as a Chevy Volt driver who occasionally exclaims "Yee-haw!"

(And often belts out my favorite B…

Taos Summer Wine Festival 2019

Don't miss out. The wine event we look forward to all year is THIS WEEKEND. That's right - it's time for the Taos Summer Wine Festival! 2019 is the third year of this annual dining and lifestyle experience and I promise you will have the time of your life. You'll probably even get to see a hummingbird moth and yes, they are as cool as they sound.

Last year, a Taos ski gondola whisked each diner up the mountain to a scrumptious lunch.
This is an upscale, luxury weekend getaway (at an affordable price!) in the gorgeous Taos Ski Valley. For about $250 per person, you'll enjoy gourmet dining (with wine pairings!) at some of New Mexico's top restaurants, a whole-hog BBQ party, yoga (with wine!), chocolate tasting (with wine!), stargazing through the largest telescope in the state (with wine!), and the option to enjoy many other premium activities (Horseback riding! Guided hiking! Fly fishing! Rock climbing!) at no extra cost. Did I mention there will be wine?

To be h…

9 Interior Design Secrets from the Best Luxury Hotels

Don't you love stepping into a luxury suite? You can't beat a hotel room that makes you feel like you’re enveloped in elegance. By incorporating certain elements, you can enjoy this same experience every time you enter your home. 

From Marriotts and Hiltons to five-star boutiques, every hotel offers different amenities and perks for their guests, but they all adhere to the same basic interior design rules to create a calm and consistent feel. Whether you’re ready to style your whole home like a bed-and-breakfast or just want to focus on one specific space, these ideas will help create the relaxing feel that is popular in hotels around the world.

It need not cost a lot - rearrange, refresh, and re-frame the way you think about your house and what you already have. Now that these interior design secrets from hotels are out, you'll be living like Eloise at The Plaza!

1. White Linens
Nothing feels quite as luxurious as slipping into bed at night in a set of fresh, crisp linens on …

Wine & Wagyu Weekend (Angel Fire, NM)

You know what pairs perfectly with a buttery chardonnay, a fruity malbec, and an oaky tempranillo? The crisp, clean air of the New Mexico mountains.

My favorite time of the year is only a few weeks away. It's wine festivalseason! Grab a glass and join the fun at the Wine & Wagyu Weekend in Angel Fire, followed by the Taos Summer Wine Festival.

All-you-can-eat gourmet food? Check.
Fun activities, like cooking demos and dancing and bacon? Check.
(Yes, bacon counts as an activity. Ask anyone.)
Bottomless glasses of fine wines? Check.

This year, the Wine & Wagyu Weekend is held August 15-18th and the Taos Summer Wine Festival is August 23-25th. They're only a week apart, so it's a great idea to plan a trip that includes both. 

I highly recommend overindulging in wagyu beef sliders (and wagyu pastrami fritters and wagyu short rib street tacos and wagyu smoked brisket...), followed by a round of golf at the Angel Fire Resort and hiking through the stunning Sangre de Cristo moun…