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Amerisleep VS Casper Customer Service

1/13/19 Update:
I discovered the following investment advice in my email this morning, courtesy of Robinhood. I'm sharing it here as a cautionary warning to anyone who thinks Amerisleep and Casper are interchangeable. (FYI, Amerisleep has been in business since 2006 and Casper since 2014.) Casper is not currently profitable. If the worst happens, good luck getting a nonexistent company to honor your warranty or return.

Mattress unicorn Casper awakens for an IPO
After a restful private sleep... direct-to-consumer mattress unicorn Casper wants to go public. While you munch a├žai (food health) after a yoga/spin-hybrid class (workout wellness), Casper thinks you forgot the 3rd pillar of the health/wellness trend: sleep. The self-proclaimed "pioneer of the sleep economy" cut out the middleman and basically put Mattress Firm out of business - so we jumped into its IPO paperwork.
These numbers woke us up... Spoiler: Just like Lyft/Uber/Slack/Pinterest, Casper isn't profitable — despite $358M in 2018 revenues, its loss jumped to $92M.
  • $423M: How much it splurged on marketing since 2016 to stick its dreamy ads across basically every subway car ever.
  • $80M: The amount lost on returns/refunds/discounts in 2019. That cost is 23% of its revenues.
  • 16: The number of new sleep economy products it's working on: sleep pills, vitamins, sprays, medical machines, counseling, and meditation.
  • 100%: In cities with one of the 60 Casper retail stores (great for midday napping), its online sales grow 100% faster than cities without them.
  • 3: The number of direct-to-consumer mattress rivals Casper mentioned (Purple, Leesa, Brooklinen) — there are nearly 200 other copycat competitors it didn't mention.
  • 201, 136, and 9: The number of times Casper mentioned "brand," "mattress," and "profitable" (#priorities)
Casper wants to be the "Nike of Sleep"... but it's really the "Peloton of Slumber." Many moons from now, Casper may turn into a profitable, global brand with an array of products. Right now, it's closer to the spin-bike startup that recently IPO'd:
  • Both are dependent on 1 big, expensive product (mattresses/bikes)
  • Both promise new things are coming (sleeping pills/rowing machines)
  • Both may never become profitable (losses this year are bigger than last year)
  • Both rest their future on connecting with you via technology (apps, apps, apps)
  • Both depend on Millennials' still loving health/wellness

Exclusively for readers of this site, save $255 on your new mattress and receive free shipping with Amerisleep promo code KITTY.
Amerisleep AS4
AS2 versus AS3 versus AS4
Below is the advice and mattress recommendation we received directly from Amerisleep:

(I guess you're going to know SN's real name now. Oh, and my weight! Darn it.)

Amerisleep Customer Service Chat Transcript
Name: Derek
Heather MinierThu, 08/31/17 11:08:45 am America/Denver
Hello. How may I help you?
Derek11:09:09 am
Other than firmness level, are there any differences between the Liberty and the Colonial? Thanks!
Heather Minier11:10:09 am
Hey Derek, there is. The AS3(Liberty) is going to be designed for all kinds of sleepers where the AS4(Colonial) is primarily for side and back sleepers.
Derek11:10:53 am
Which are the best mattresses for stomach sleepers?
Heather Minier11:11:47 am
Stomach sleepers need a more firm feeling mattress to allow support for their back. A mattress that is too soft can cause lower back pain. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions so I can recommend the best mattress for you?
Derek11:12:25 am
Ask away! :)
Heather Minier11:12:36 am
1. Is the mattress just for you or will it be shared?
2. What is your height(s)/weight(s)?
3. Any chronic hip, back or shoulder pain/injuries?
4. Do you like to sink in the mattress a little or quite a bit?
5. What size of mattress are you looking for?
Derek11:13:11 am
1. Shared
2. 6'0 and 180 pounds and 5'7 and 120 pounds
3. No injuries
4. Just a little
5. King
Heather Minier11:15:52 am
Based on that information, I would recommend our AS2 mattress. This is our medium firm mattress, great for stomach sleepers.
The AS2 will suit you perfectly because you sleep on your stomach. With ample support, the AS2 will keep your spine in its natural alignment.11:16:05 am
Derek11:16:43 am
Is it also good for side sleepers and back sleepers?
Heather Minier11:17:23 am
It is generally best for stomach and back sleepers.

If you need something to accommodate side sleeping, I would recommend the AS3.
This is a slightly softer mattress that is much better on the shoulders for a side sleeper.11:18:01 am
Derek11:18:06 am
It's a shame you don't make a hybrid mattress, with firm on one side and soft on the other! :)
Heather Minier11:18:31 am
This might actually be a better fit for the both of you considering your partner is relatively light.
We do offer a split king model if you're interested.
This, however, is a set of 2 mattresses, not 1 solid mattress. You can use these on an adjustable bed.11:19:00 am
Heather Minier11:21:58 am
if you wanted different firmnesses, you could order 2 twin xls, which is 
essentially what a split king is.11:22:07 am
Derek11:22:16 am
Oh, that is a good idea.
Do you sell a king-sized cover so I could keep the 2 together?
Heather Minier11:23:49 am
What you could do is place a regular King size sheet over the two and that would help keep them together. We do not sell an enclosed cover that would hold them together.
Derek11:25:34 am
Okay. Thank you for your help today! :)
Heather Minier11:25:41 am
You're very welcome :)

an insomniacs guide to the best mattresses

 London, baby! With dark sunglasses to hide our sleepy eyes. 

Also, this photo was taken before I had braces, crown lengthening surgery, and what seemed like a million other dental procedures. Look at my strange little Chiclet teeth!

Once you switch to a high-quality foam layer, you will never switch back.

SN and I recently (finally!) moved into our mountain dream home. We decided to put our Amerisleep AS3 mattress in the guest room and treat ourselves to a fancy new bed. The big question was whether we should go with the exact same mattress again or test out a different Amerisleep. We were still happy with our AS3 and it was like-new, even though we'd purchased it more than 7 years ago. 

When we moved into our new home, we placed our mattress order. I went with an AS4 instead of the recommended AS3 for my side because we already had an Amerisleep AS3. Although SN and I agree it's very comfortable, I've always wished it was just a hair softer. This was a gamble, but I figured I could take advantage of the return policy if I made the wrong decision.

With a million things to do at our new home and a comfy AS3 to sleep on in the guest room, our new memory foam mattress sat in their boxes a bit longer than I'd planned. Then, our overnight guests arrived for Thanksgiving and took our backup bed. Setting up the new ones took on a higher priority once we found ourselves sleeping on the floor!

We finally set our AS2 and AS4 free a few days ago. Here are the photos and a video from the big reveal!

mattresses made in the usa
Made in the USA

The box arrived a bit roughed up, but luckily the contents were well packaged and escaped harm.

watch an amerisleep mattress expand

This is my AS4 mattress, which is the softer of the two models.
Yes, I am wearing a tank top in late November. Yes, it is chilly in the mountains this time of year. The sun blazes through our new master bedroom window and cooks us out of this room each day. I really need to buy some blinds! 

reviewing our new mattresses

The mattress began expanding with an audible hiss the instant I cut into the plastic wrap.

comparing our new mattresses

Amerisleep has gone even more green than when we ordered our AS3 six years ago, as there was much less packaging this time.

uneven memory foam mattress
I call this photo 'Marshmallow in the Microwave'. During the expansion phase, don't worry if your new mattress is uneven. That's normal!

In this image, the AS4 has been expanding for approximately 5 minutes. It still has a way to go. My assumption was that it would be full-sized within 10 or so minutes, which is how long my memory told me our last Amerisleep took. Well, my memory is a liar. The mattress continued to expand over the next 24 hours. When we thought progress had come to a halt (concerning because it looked like the mattress still had a little more expanding to do), sleeping on it was the extra help it needed.

amerisleeps side by side

Next, it was SN's turn to unbox his new AS2 mattress. Look how teensie it looked next to its still-expanding friend!

how big is a bed in a box
You really appreciate how tightly these are compressed in the above photo. It's like they've made Amerisleep fettuccine!

Remember those 90s infomercials for the FreshSaver vacuum packing systems that kept your food fresh? A mattress in a box runs on the same concept. These are exactly like the Tempur-Pedics we've tested. It's amazing how tightly they're able to compress them without causing any damage to the mattress.
the technology behind a bed in a box
proof my husband doesn't read my blog
The fact that he hasn't asked me to remove this booty photo is proof my husband does not read my blog.

As you can see, the expansion begins the instant the seal is broken. SN had better hurry up and get the plastic off of there!

AS2 bed next to our AS4 bed
For comparison, I'd say the AS4 on the left is about 75% expanded.

As of the time of these Amerisleep mattress reviews, we've only been enjoying our new purchases for two nights so far, so it is a little soon to go into much detail. Everything from my AS3 review seems to still be holding true all these years later, such as the mattress not sleeping hot, not transferring motion, and not having a problem with off-gassing. 

5/6/18 Update: After sleeping on the AS2 for several months, I've noticed it actually does transfer motion, unlike our AS3. I don't like the AS2 nearly as much as the AS3. SN still can't tell any difference between them. Your body type and sleeping style are so important in determining which mattress is right for you!

When you visit the Amerisleep site, be sure to do an online chat with customer service so that they can recommend your perfect bed...and don't be like me and ignore their advice!

After his online chat, I'd thought SN wanted to test out the AS2, so that's what I ordered for him. He'd actually wanted to stick with the AS3 (oops!) so I've been worried he won't think the AS2 is as comfortable. (And worried I'll never hear the end of it! Ah, married life.) So far, so good though. It certainly is more firm and therefore less comfortable to me. The AS4 is much, much softer than our AS3, rather than "just a hair" as I'd hoped. I think I like it better or at least the same. It's difficult to say after only 2 nights. I should have more detailed Amerisleep reviews soon. 

It's hard for these new ones to compete because we really love our AS3!

I had to speed up this video because SN took forever to set up his side. With the music, it reminds me of The Sims.

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