Slate Street Cafe (and a Drunken Wardrobe Malfunction)

I have an absurd story from New Year's Eve. Of course I do.

SN and I usually spend the evening at home, old fuddy duddys that we are, but we couldn't resist the special New Year's Eve dinner being offered at one of our favorite restaurants, Slate Street Cafe. It featured 5 courses, including Saffron & Sea Scallop Risotto, Duck & Porcini Ravioli, and a Pistachio-Crusted Lamb Chop, all with wine pairings.

It sounded like a fun time and an excellent excuse to dress up.

Vintage dress for New Year's Eve
This vintage red dress makes my inner Rockette happy. It is the most sparkly thing I've ever owned in my life - perfect for New Year's Eve. The dress was a gift from my boss. Isn't she the best?

Also, my photographer loooves to take photos at an angle like this, despite my repeated pleas not to.

Sparkly red dress
With moments to spare before leaving the house, we took photos in this corner of the living room because it was the only tidy place. Just ignore the clutter visible through the glass. 

2020 resolution = clean the house. Or just hire a housekeeper, SN. C'mon.

Dapper outfit for men
SN was as dapper as ever. He used the dinner as an excuse to wear his new cowboy boots. They're too uncomfortable for anything other than sitting, which doesn't really sound very cowboy to me.

I suggested we set the timer on my camera and take a nice photo together. This is the response I received:

New cowboy boots are not comfortable
There was no time for a couple's photo. We were late!

(We arrived at Slate Street Cafe 10 minutes early for dinner.)

Slate Street Cafe

Wardrobe Malfunction

Once seated, we were each served a flute of Brut Rosé from our local Gruet winery. Living in New Mexico is the best! Shortly after that, we each received a generous pour of a Mosel riesling. I excused myself to the ladies' room and carefully staggered downstairs from the Slate Street Cafe wine loft.

The moment I entered the restroom, a young woman asked me if I could help her with her dress. She had unzipped it and now the side zipper wouldn't go back up. She joked that she'd had too much to eat. I joked that she'd needed to ask me sooner, as I'd had too much to drink.

I struggled with that zipper. At that point, we'd only been served one amuse-bouche and a salad. How had she possibly gotten the dress on to begin with? Summoning all my strength, I finally got the zipper up as she exhaled. Success!

Except, to my horror, only the zipper pull had gone up. The actual zipper was split in half! Having also had too much to drink, the woman thanked me and exited the bathroom. I called out to her, but she was gone.

When I returned to our table, SN was excited to tell me that a woman had walked by with the side of her dress wide open and that he and the rest of the restaurant had seen her bra. I'm married to a teenage boy.

I admitted that, yes, that was actually my doing and explained what had happened. He said it made for the best New Year's Eve ever, just maybe not for that woman. I still feel bad for her.

Slate Street Cafe
 Happy New Year, SN.