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Coffee Whipped Cream

coffee whipped cream

You've surely seen the coffee whipped cream that is trending, popular for whipping equal parts instant coffee, water, and sugar into a thick glob. It's neat, but you can improve it's flavor with 4 easy modifications:
  1. Instead of very hot water, use very hot coffee. (Or liqueur! See the bottom of this post for ideas.)
  2. Instead of white sugar, use brown sugar.
  3. Add a generous pinch of your favorite coffee spices, such as Pumpkin Pie seasoning, cinnamon, and/or cardamom.
  4. Instead of a whisk, use a milk frother so it combines fully.

Coffee Whipped Cream

So, how do you make coffee whipped cream? It couldn't be simpler.
  1. In a coffee mug, add equal parts instant coffee and sugar.
  2. Add a pinch of your desired seasoning.
  3. Pour in a small amount of very hot coffee. (Example: If you used 1 Tbsp of instant coffee and 1 Tbsp of sugar, you will all 1 Tbsp of very hot coffee.)
  4. Whisk everything with the milk frother. It should come together in only about 10 seconds, like magic!

This recipe is so foolproof that I don't even bother measuring the ingredients. If your ratio ends up being a little off, with too much liquid or sugar or whatever, it still works every time.

A standard instant coffee packet, like those little Folgers tubes, makes 2 servings.

Out of milk? Top your morning coffee with this. It's heaven on ice cream and transforms a boring, boxed pudding mix (or even my coconut milk pudding) into something extra-special. The dessert possibilities are endless! In my photos here, I've filled glasses halfway with creme brulee and halfway with coffee whipped cream.

A word of advice though - make this when you are ready to serve it, not ahead of time. After 10 minutes or so, it deflates.

non-dairy whipped cream for coffee and desserts

I haven't tried this variation yet, but I bet you could create an alcoholic coffee whipped cream by stirring a drop of brandy, whiskey, or rum (ooh, or Baileys or Kahlua - yum) into your very hot coffee. Doesn't that sound amazing?


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