Free Homeschool Resources

You may have seen this post and wondered if I've started homeschooling our little Olive. With everyone quarantined inside their home (you are staying home, right?), now is an opportunity to expand your mind. 

This is a comprehensive list of Free Homeschool Resources for all ages, including adults - you're never too old to learn something new! Think of your time spent sheltered from COVID-19 as time spent transforming inside your cocoon. When things return to normal (and they will) and you emerge back into daily life, you will be improved.

Free Homeschool Resources
Stay home. Let's all get through this together. 

Free Homeschool Resources

Whether you're homeschooling your child or yourself, there's a free resource available for any topic of interest. Bookmark this page - I'll be adding to the list as I discover new freebies.
  1. Instead of resorting to home remedies to fight COVID-19 (no, Emergen-C is not going to stop it and yes, I've actually read this on Facebook), expand your medical knowledge with free Ivy League online classes in Health and Medicine. Law, science, engineering, and many other subjects are also available. After completing a few courses, can you say you've attended Harvard and Yale? Technically...yes?
  2. Start your very own website. It's free through and there is an option to keep the site private. Blogger makes it easy to create a page with no web design experience but includes HTML, CSS, and other options for when you or your child are ready to progress to more advanced skills. The site you're currently on was created with Blogger.
  3. Our libraries may be closed in the name of social distancing, but did you know you can still use your library card? In addition to ebooks and digital magazines, there are many educational resources available for free through Hoopla, including videos on science, history, and foreign language. I installed the free Hoopla app on my Fire TV stick and have spent my time watching the Broadway musicals Into the Woods and Sunday in the Park with George. (And singing and dancing, of course.) I love Bernadette Peters! On a side note, as these are not very educational, Hoopla also has my two favorite movies from childhood, the 1986 My Little Pony Movie and The Secret of NIMH.
  4. During this shutdown, The Great Courses has extended their free trial period to an entire month. They have topics for everyone, including fun photography classes, high school subjects, and help for finally writing your novel. (Now is the perfect time, right?) There are also courses on investing - we're in a "buy low/sell high" situation at the moment!
  5. You can't currently attend performances of the MET Opera in New York, but you can enjoy a different opera for free every day through their website.
  6. I have traumatic memories of PE class. If only online workouts had been a thing when I was young! Daily Burn is currently providing a free 2 month trial of their fitness classes. They also include tools to help optimize your exercise routine. Come to think of it, with all the gyms closed, now is probably an opportune time to buy stock in online fitness classes (just like those free stock market classes from The Great Courses taught you).
  7. While schools are shut down, Audible is giving away free access to many of their audio books - no trial necessary. There are books for every reading ability, from child-friendly Winnie-the-Pooh to classics like Jane Eyre.
  8. Now is not the time to travel, but you can plan your future getaways and even tour sites like The Louvre and the Monterey Bay Aquarium from the comfort of your favorite chair. Think how much you'll save on admission! Check out TravelZoo's list of 20 Amazing Places You Can Visit Without Leaving Home. 
  9. With our beloved restaurants closed, we're actually having to cook for every meal. I'm good at selecting a bottle of wine to go with dinner, but am getting tired of pasta, pasta, pasta. Luckily, Milk Street has made their online cooking classes available for free through at least the end of April. They have tips for beginners and pros. There is even a class on how to make the most of your Instant Pot.
  10. The Scholastic "Learn at Home" program has free educational material available for students in grades preK through 9th, with 5 new learning journeys each Monday.
  11. I plan to be fluent in French by the time all of this stay-at-home stuff is over. (Actually, I take that back. I don't want this to last forever!) We can all learn to speak each other's language with free foreign language classes from Duolingo.
  12. We all love arts and crafts - the booths, the sunshine, the food trucks. Oh, are you thinking of actually doing arts and crafts, hands on, rather than just attending an arts and crafts festival (which isn't even an option now anyway)? I'm the least crafty person in the world, but is offering a free class for you crafty types. Simply select the course that catches your eye and enter promo code IQUILTFREE at checkout.
  13. Our yards are still safe. Get out there and put your photography skills to the test. Nikon is streaming complimentary classes that will optimize your photos.
  14. Printable Learning offers fun things you can print at home, completely free. There are paper dolls, decor for various holidays, and activity books. I know the site is aimed at children, but some of these no-cost printables are calling my name. If you can't get out your art supplies and color a dinosaur picture during quarantine, when are you ever going to? Embrace your inner child!
There is no excuse to be bored right now. Enjoy this time and stay safe! And like Olive has been reminding me, remember...
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