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Eat All the Steak! Medium Rare DC

2021 Update: We're currently in Washington DC with a team of folks to wine and dine. You guessed it - we're all going to Medium Rare.

We would never visit Washington, DC without including a meal at our favorite Steakhouse, Medium Rare. In fact, if we had a long enough layover, Sexy Nerd and I would have to leave the airport and dash over for a quick plate of Steak Frites. It would be wrong not to.

Make that two plates. The best thing about Medium Rare is that when you finish your steak, another plate of Steak Frites wonderfully appears. The steak even comes pre-sliced for you, making it all the easier to shovel greedily into your mouth. Surprise!

I wish we could go there right now. C'mon, Medium Rare. You need to expand to New Mexico.

Medium Rare DC

medium rare dc
On our most recent trip to DC, we ordered Steak Frites as part of Medium Rare's brunch menu. As if a big plate of the best steak ever is not enough, all brunch meals also include the most scrumptious, crustiest bread and a choice of a vanilla yogurt parfait with dried fruit and granola, a fruit salad, or a mixed green salad. 

Sexy Nerd and I both opted for the green salad, which tasted fine...until the server brought the most beautiful yogurt parfait ever to a table nearby. 

What's that? You're not impressed? I haven't told you about the highlight of the brunch yet. All meals include all-you-can-drink Bloody Marys (yuck), Screwdrivers, and Mimosas. We didn't even know what a Screwdriver was before this.

(Unlimited coffee, soda and orange juice too, though this seems like less exciting news to share with you.) 

Medium Rare brunch
You can mix and match your drinks and it doesn't cost one penny extra. I'm not sure if this is actually allowed or if we just had the most awesome waitress ever, but I was able to get my bottomless mimosas served in two glasses - one for the OJ and another for the sparkling wine. Weird that the OJ glass never needed a refill.

My wine was topped off after every sip or two. I finally had to throw my hand over the glass and ask our server to please not let me have any more sparking wine.

Looking back, I think I probably could have handled one more sip. Thank goodness Washington, DC is such a walkable city. 

Stealing the last french fry
He's stealing my french fries! Awfully bold move with my steak knife right there, Sexy Nerd.

Medium Rare has the sort of cool, moody atmosphere that demands black and white photography. My phone actually changed both of these photos all by itself. It didn't convert any others from our entire trip to DC.

Birthday at Medium Rare DC
If you live near Medium Rare, why would you celebrate your birthday anywhere else?

Mr T was here
The wall by our table - do you think this was written by the actual Mr. T? Or does that say Ms. T?

Funny enough, I'm still not sure if brunch at Medium Rare includes the second plate of Steak Frites that they are known for. Prior to our visit, I sent them a message to ask if brunch includes a second plate and was told yes, except that you have to specifically request it. So we did. 

Nope, no second plate. When I contacted Medium Rare again afterward, they said it was a training issue with our server, but then went on to say that we should have been allowed to order the Steak Frites with the second serving instead of the brunch Steak Frites. But my original inquiry had been whether the BRUNCH Steak Frites includes the second portion. Does that make sense? Have I lost you?

It seemed like such a simple question at the time, but a simple question probably wouldn't need an entire paragraph to explain it.

Free bubble gum
Medium Rare gave us bubble gum with our bill, which I haven't had since I was a kid. This is me "blowing the biggest bubble ever." Clearly, I should have stolen Sexy Nerd's bubble gum. It could have been payback for my fries.

Take a selfie at the zoo in DC

After our meal, we walked to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. Maybe it's because admission is free, but I swear our national zoo has the cutest animals of any zoo in the world.

The 3...or was it 4...(5??)... glasses of sparkling wine I'd just consumed may have also contributed to their cuteness.

Washington DC pandas
I want to pet this panda!

Porcupine at the Smithsonian National Zoo (free!)
I want to pet this porcupine! I bet if you're nice to him, there must be a way.

Cat statue at the Smithsonian zoo
Smithsonian Zoo in Washington, DC

DC food trucks

After our excursion to the zoo, where I sadly did not pet a single animal, we found an entire block of food trucks with every cuisine imaginable. We passed these by because our hotel included lounge access.

Which makes this next part especially tragic...

Change in dinner plans
Our first night in DC, we were frustrated to discover that the lounge at the Marriott Wardman Park was closed. I'd actually called before making the reservation and been told incorrectly that it would be open Saturday evening.

To our surprise, Marriott made things more than right with a $50 credit to spend in their bar!

DC charcuterie
Shishito peppers with pickled onions + a kale & beets salad with goat cheese + a charcuterie board = $50 well spent

Black Forest Brownie - DC Marriott
The credit was even enough to cover a black forest brownie for dessert. They forgot the advertised cherries, so there was nothing "black forest" about it, but we were so happy and full by that point that we didn't care.

Actually, I did care a little. When the lounge was open the following night, I helped myself to double the maraschino cherries to make up for it. Technically, they were only intended for cocktails, not for eating. 

Sexy Nerd was embarrassed.

Sexy Nerd
This is the judgmental look SN will give you if you eat too many cherries.

Cookies with a view
Hiya! Cookies with a view at the Marriott Wardman Park  

Other than the lounge being closed initially, which actually turned out to be a good thing, our hotel stay was delicious perfection.

Wardman Park Marriott lounge
Dinner at the Marriott Wardman Park member lounge, saving room for...

Dessert buffet
Dessert buffet at the Marriott Wardman Park

unlimited desserts
Have you figured out yet that I looove food? This is what we base our hotel decisions on.

Marriott breakfast
  A healthy hotel breakfast, so all that steak and all those sugary desserts really didn't even count.

Nevermind the bagels and English muffins I didn't photograph.

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