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Christmas Movie Trivia

2020 has been quite a strange year. If you've spent the last 12 months catching up on your favorite movies and TV shows, you'll have no trouble beating my Christmas Movie Trivia. Fair warning - it's not multiple choice, so you'd really better know your stuff!

Christmas Movie Trivia

 We all get into the Christmas spirit (even my boss, who is Jewish), but no one takes it quite as far as my coworker. She encourages our patients to wear her musical hat, but with one rule - they must also dance. Even the most sullen teenagers join in!

As profitable as running this blog is (ha ha), I have a "real job" working for the best Albuquerque pediatric dentist. Next month will mark 15 years with her - I was practically a baby when I started!

I've been working on some fun holiday Facebook posts for our patients to enjoy, including trivia questions about their favorite Christmas movies. I originally published everything at once and was disappointed when no one reacted or commented. 

Then Facebook suggested again and again that these were such great posts that I should pay to turn them into ads. Well no wonder none of our patients responded. Facebook hadn't allowed anyone to see my holiday posts! If that doesn't get your tinsel in a tangle...

Reconfigured repost later (from home, on Sunday, past my bedtime, for free - BEST employee ever right here), our patients are finally putting their movie knowledge to the test.

Christmas Movie Trivia

Answers at the end of this post

Can you name all of these movies with only a quote from each? Some are easy and some are a challenge, especially because this test is not multiple choice. Bonus points if you can also tell me which character said each line.

Guess as many as you want. Or just enjoy my silly Christmas photos. Working in a children's office is the best!

Christmas Movie Trivia, Part 1:
christmas movie trivia
Working in a dental office, I obviously had to include the second quote. Plus, it's my all-time favorite holiday movie.

Christmas Movie Trivia, Part 2:
name the holiday movie trivia
I never realized the character saying the first quote was so old.

Christmas Movie Trivia, Part 3:
xmas movie quiz
#3 is SN's favorite Christmas movie. The first quote holds a special place in my heart because we performed it at the holiday pageant in 4th grade. Or was it 5th grade? Man, I'm old.

pediatric dentist social media

Merry Christmas to all of my bloggy friends who celebrate! And if you're in the mood for another fun quiz, see if you can outsmart my Simpsons trivia.


Part 1:

1. Elf (Buddy the Elf)
2. Home Alone (Kevin)
3. A Charlie Brown Christmas Movie (Linus)

Part 2:

1. Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (The Grinch)
2. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Clarice)
3. It's a Wonderful Life (Harry Bailey)
4. The Polar Express (The Conductor)

Part 3:

1. The Muppet Christmas Carol (Sung by multiple Muppets)
2. A Christmas Story (Ralphie)
3. Christmas Vacation (Ellen)
4. The Santa Clause (Scott)


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