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How to Buy Shoes

I have had my eye on the cutest pair of shoes. They have dogs on them! They're even marked down in a year-end sale.

However, they are not in stock at any stores near me, so I'll have to trust that I'm ordering the correct size online. I also need to know they're high quality, authentic, and comfortable. (I'm old - my years of wearing painful shoes just to look pretty are long over!) 

As fate would have it, I was recently contacted with a guest blog post about this exact topic - buying shoes online. If that's not a sign that I should buy these shoes, I don't know what is.'s a sign that I should not buy the shoes? I never much believed in that stuff anyway.

How to buy shoes online

How to Buy Shoes

(And Be Happy With Your Purchase!)

Knowing the Shoe Fits

A footwear shopping experience varies from one individual to another. Some shoppers take the time to check out a pair of shoes thoroughly before checking out, while others pick theirs based on appearance, shoe size, and price. Purchasing a sneaker, boot, cleats or heels transcends the basics. You have to be thorough in your evaluation to get the best fit.

Great shoes are not just appealing, they also live up to their functionalities – the manufacturer’s intent. Hence, it is not ideal to walk up to a Nike sales counter with an item you didn’t test. This guide explains all there is to know about this amazing, but complex field.

Purpose – The First Step to Selecting the Right Pair for You

It is worth stating that shoes don’t come cheap, especially those designed to last. And if you are going to invest your money in a pair, it should be worth it. You don’t want your sneakers falling apart after a few weeks. 

Often, shoppers believe that if the shoe fits, wear it (pun intended). They take this notion with them when checking out their favorite footwear brands, forgetting that purpose counts, and end up with the right pair for the wrong activity.

You can’t compare a running shoe to a hiking boot. Each product performs its unique functionality. When you have the money to splurge on different pairs, you should factor in the occasion required for your shoe purchase

In the end, you want to get value for your money. At this point, I will state that comfortability and durability are of utmost priority to any professional footwear shopper, notwithstanding the activities involved. 

So, if you stand, run, or jog a lot, your shoe should support these tasks efficiently and repeatedly, without causing you pain or injury over time.

Quality Matters

Your shoes are one of your closest companions – you can’t do without them. Besides, we are way past the Stone Age. These accessories are essential to your daily activities, whether you are at home, on a shopping spree, or even touring your favorite destinations. 

Quality is not equal across different footwear companies. Your Nike shoes may outlive a pair of sneakers from a generic brand. Test your pair of choice before you hand over your wallet, as some retailers don’t have a refund policy.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

A lightweight shoe may outlast its sturdy counterpart if the latter is of lower quality. For this reason, you have to consider other elements, including the type insoles, material grade, and the texture.

Do Your Homework

It is not uncommon to find shoppers underrating the need to research a specific pair before visiting a footwear retail store. They conclude on figuring it out at the shoe section. Unfortunately, their purchased items don’t last. 

To avoid this pitfall, you have to factor in your most-performed activity and pair it with the shoe brand and type that meets it. Doing this will save you money and prevent future disappointments.

If you are a Nike fan, you have to find the right size of Nike shoes for sales within your area. And once you do, kindly test them to ensure that they meet the requirements discussed in this guide.

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