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10 Bedroom Decorating Ideas

SN and I have been trying to decide how to decorate our bedroom for a while. We've browsed through interior design photos and discussed bedroom decorating ideas for the last 4 years. It's a hard decision!

We had actually (finally!) agreed on painting our entire bedroom, including the doors and ceiling, Sherwin Williams Naval, which is an extremely dark, sophisticated blue. Our thinking is that a bedroom should be as calming and cozy as possible in order to sleep better. What better way to achieve that than by enveloping every surface in a rich, deep blue? We loved this bedroom decorating idea.

We loved it too much. Recently, we painted every wall of our guest bathroom Sherwin Williams Naval. It looks amazing (really, check out our bathroom before and after photos), but we think it would be boring to do the exact same thing in our master bedroom. So, it's back to the drawing board.

I complain, but let's face it - browsing through photos of beautiful bedrooms is fun! Instagram has been a surprisingly valuable resource for interior design inspiration. I like it even better than Pinterest and Houzz. 

Here are 10 of our favorite bedroom photos:

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

While looking through these bedrooms, you'll figure out pretty quickly why we're having such a difficult time committing to a design decision. 

Rustic bedroom ideas

DIY headboard ideas

Blue and white bedrooms

Bedroom decorating ideas

Masculine interior design

Bedroom with mural

Gender neutral bedroom

Calming bedrooms
Instagram: @real_simple

Bedroom paint ideas

Bedroom with chandelier

We love bedrooms that are light and bright, with cheerful blues and pinks and sparkling chandeliers. We also love bedrooms that are rustic, with leather accents and weathered wood enveloping you like you've entered a secret cave.

SN and I are never going to finish decorating our bedroom, are we?