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Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas - Pamir Garden

Choosing a wallpaper is a difficult decision. With infinite options (literally, as the magic of the internet now allows you to turn any image into wallpaper), SN and I spent several years trying to agree on a solution to finish our hallway bathroom interior design project. 

The room already looked nice. Did it really need wallpaper?

(Yes, it did, SN.)

We settled on a design called Pamir Garden from the Sanderson Caspian Wallpaper Collection.

A fantastical oasis scene of floral sprigs, stylized trees and wild animals. The design has been painted in a fresco style with a crackle glaze effect which gives the paper a time-worn look.

Finally, our bathroom is ready for its close-up.

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Bathroom Reveal

This artistic fish is apparently also ready for its close-up.

Fun bathroom ideas

Bathroom decor

Choosing a wallpaper
Pamir Garden is printed on thick, high quality wallpaper and we loved the pattern. There was still a tough choice to make though - deciding between Pamir Garden in white or green. Both went well with our Lancaster Celery shower tile from TileBar.

The winner?

Bathroom before and after
White! It's so similar to the surrounding wall color that it all flows together in harmony.

High quality wallpaper
One of the reasons we chose this pattern for this space is that it has subtle gold accents, which go perfectly with our Delta champagne bronze faucet. 

Bathroom skylight
When selecting a wallpaper, it's important to look at the sample in various lights. Pamir Garden looks as good illuminated by our wall sconces as it does under our skylight.

How to hide wallpaper seam
SN installed this wallpaper himself and says it went up easily. There is only 1 part where the paper had a little snafu. On the 10' tall wall that has a large portion covered by an oversized mirror, of course the seam and rip are front and center. It adds character.

Gold accents and interior design
I had an idea. We covered the imperfection with a butterfly from another mirror.

How to fix ripped wallpaper
Ta da!

Pamir Garden wallpaper
We were thrilled with how this wallpaper took a bathroom project we were already happy with and elevated it into something special. Still, something was missing. The walls on each side just seemed so meh. What ideas hadn't we thought of for this interior design project?

Custom light fixtures
We experimented with our Pamir Garden wallpaper samples. SN was concerned they would catch fire and kill us all (so dramatic, that SN of mine), but these are tucked safely between the metal quatrefoil frame and the original shade. It's impossible for the paper to make contact with the bulbs. This was such an easy way to turn our generic light fixtures from Wayfair into a one-of-a-kind design.

Bathroom wallpaper ideas
I love that we were able to expand the pattern beyond the feature wall without having to actually wallpaper the entire bathroom.

Dog in the bathroom
I had Olive pose for a photo with the finished product. She wasn't thrilled.

Bernadette wouldn't even enter the room. Interior design is not her thing.

Can't lift my arm after my Covid shot

Koi swimming delightfully on the bathroom wall - yes or no?
Also, you won't see me lifting my left arm today because I just received my Pfizer Covid booster. It's one of those things where you get the shot and think that it didn't hurt at all, then you wake up the next day like, 'This is fine. I didn't need that arm anyway'.

Totally worth it.