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Happy Birthday to Me

Thank you to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday. I work with the best people - this German chocolate cake they surprised me with is so tall that it didn't even fit in its bakery box!

They said that's not how you cut a cake. I said I'm old now so can cut a cake any damn way I please. 

Stabby-style it is.

Birthday funny

My amazing work peeps (am I now too old to call my friends 'peeps'...) prepared an Italian birthday feast for us to share in our break room. 

Italian feast

Fancy organic salad, a lasagna made from scratch (even the sauce - go Christie!), and ooey gooey, cheese-filled breadsticks.  

Birthday lunch

Nothing can top that, right? Somehow the food was topped! I stepped away from my desk for a moment and when I returned, there was a tiny gift bag. Inside was a pair of Maggie Simpson socks. I ripped off my boring, professional black socks and swapped them for the pink and yellow cartoon baby socks. If you don't know, I love The Simpsons. And if you don't know that, we've clearly never been in a socially awkward situation together, as Simpsons trivia is my #1 icebreaker. 

(It's admittedly not a great one.) 

Throughout the day, more tiny bags appeared until I had socks of the entire Simpsons family.

Prior to scrolling to the next photo, I ask that you obey some rules:
  1. Ignore my funky, dry chicken legs. It's pants weather.
  2. Try to ignore my weird toes. I don't think they're weird in real life, just in these socks. Well, other than those 2 toes on my right foot that are the same length. Is it just me or do my toes look oddly pointy in the below photo?
Simpsons socks

They said you're not supposed to mix and match the patterns. I'm old now, so will wear whatever I damn well please.

At home, SN surprised me with a gourmet meal of Lemon Pepper Chicken Breast with cherry tomatoes and couscous salad, plus Cajun Shrimp with Andouille Sausage with collard greens, courtesy of the ready-to-eat meal service we're obsessed with, Cook Unity ($50 off through this link). We've now ordered a whopping 38 meals from them with no duplicates. How do they do it?

Cook Unity coupons

Bernadette has been keeping an eye on me ever since my birthday. She's trying to decide if I'm old enough to be 'at that age.' She hopes so because she loves to make new dog friends.

Many Paws