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Travel Hacking 101

 Travel Hacking

Travel hacking expert and guest poster, Laura, shares tips to save $ on your next vacation. No time? She'll even help book your discounted trip for you!

I like to think of myself as quite the travel hacker. Sexy Nerd and I have a Southwest Companion Pass and we've taken cruises for around $25 per person, per night. 

Compared to expert travel hacker, Laura with Travel Hacking 101, that's nothing.

How to save money on travel

Travel Hacking 101 teaches you how to use credit card points and miles to make your travel dreams a reality. Just by using your regular everyday spending, you can earn valuable points and sign-up bonuses that can drastically reduce the price of travel. 

For example, my family’s recent trip to Egypt only cost us:

• $155 round trip for 3 people
• $600 for 13 nights in five-star hotels

Next we’re headed for Thailand, with three round-trip tickets from the US for $203 total!

All of this is possible without incurring any debt, and without hurting your credit score. Follow me at @travelhacking101 to learn how you can make regular travel fit your budget!

Travel Hacking