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Warby Parker and Davis Vision: Navigating the Coverage Maze

Dreaming of Warby Parker frames but worried about your Davis Vision insurance coverage? You're not alone.

Buckle up, fellow blurry-visionaries, because this is your guide to navigating the Warby Parker-Davis Vision labyrinth.

Sexy Nerd and I recently purchased new glasses at our local Stanton Optical store and the salesperson was surprised and impressed by how good our Davis Vision coverage is, saying several times "Man, this plan is legit!" Unfortunately, this does no good at Warby Parker.Warby Parker Davis Vision

Q. Does Warby Parker take Davis Vision?

A. The Warby Parker website says Yes, but this is misleading. Warby Parker only accepts Davis Vision plans through Boeing, General Electric and GE Healthcare. If you are not employed by one of these, you have an out-of-network Davis Vision plan. Yes, even you, with your top tier plan that costs extra!

Q. Will Warby Parker file my insurance?

A. There's a reason Warby Parker makes a big deal about using your HSA and FSA funds to pay for glasses. Warby Parker does not file any insurance claims. Whether in or out of network, you must pay 100% up front, then submit a claim yourself, and hope for reimbursement.

Q. Who makes an affordable alternative to Warby Parker?

A. Personally, I think the unique sunglasses designs from Powder UK are a top contender. Though they're out-of-network for Davis Vision, the prices are so low that it doesn't matter. Scroll to the end of this article for a photo and link. Want to stay in-network? Many national chains, including Stanton Optical and Eyemart Express, offer designs that are available exclusively through their stores and are participating with Davis Vision.

Colorful glassesSo many youthful frames at Stanton Optical! Here's hoping I'm carded for my next glass of wine...and not to check eligibility for a senior discount.

Couple with matching glasses
I tried to convince my Sexy Nerd to do matching turquoise specs with me, but they don't go with any of his flannel.

Glasses shopping tip: Take a selfie of any frames you're considering. This allows you to compare all of your options side-by-side. It's also a good way to learn which sizes/shapes/colors look best on your face.

Amy Farrah Fowler glasses
Sexy librarian look
Sexy Nerd
Surprise - the 'sexy librarian' look you pulled off in the store mirror is actually Big Bang Theory's Amy Farrah Fowler in photos.

For sunglasses, I wasn't worried about shopping with Warby Parker because their website specifically states that Davis Vision is one of the few insurances they participate with.

I tried on their Vela sunglasses in my local store at ABQ Uptown and it was love at first sight. The sunglasses fit perfectly. They're marked as being Extra Wide - seems I have a big head!

I waited until the new year to make my purchase so that my new vision benefits would be available. When I tried to complete my checkout on the Warby Parker website, the rep said she'll help me by manually deducting my insurance benefits from the cost at checkout but she was unable to because I didn't have my ID number.

She said my local Warby Parker will be able to look it up though. The next day, I called the number for my local Warby Parker store and the call routed to a non-local Warby Parker call center.

I asked if they can look up my ID number and was told they can't over the phone but can when I go to the store in person. The phone rep told me Warby Parker is an in-network provider for Davis Vision insurance.

When I went into the store, the salesperson told me they have no way to look it up and that Warby Parker doesn't do anything with insurance. He said most places have a division that processes insurance claims, but Warby Parker does not, which makes it impossible for them to file any claims. He said it's not a big deal though because I can file the claim myself to Davis Vision using my Warby Parker receipt.

I do not want to do this because I had a bad experience with this exact same scenario a few years ago. My local Eyemart Express told me to do the same thing for the pair of Longchamp glasses I purchased from them. I downloaded the claim form from Davis Vision, filled it out and submitted it with the receipt for reimbursement.

Davis Vision and I ended up going back and forth with appeals for payment. They ended up paying significantly less than they would have if Eyemart Express had filed the claim.

It turns out they have some weird clause about considering self-filed claims as out-of-network, even if the purchase was made with an in-network provider. And I'm great with insurance! I've been in the world of insurance for 20 years! I manage two dental offices and teach how to successfully file claims.

Glasses run in the familyThanks for my blurry vision, mom! ;)

Warby Parker and Davis Vision: Navigating the Coverage Maze

Act I: Enter Stanton Optical, Sirens of Sunglasses Savings

My journey began with Sexy Nerd and our "legit" (according to the rep) Davis Vision plan. We had our eyes checked and received new prescriptions. Stanton Optical's salesperson, eyes alight with envy, declared our coverage the Beyonce of eyecare benefits.

I still needed a new pair of sunglasses. Visions of Warby Parker's trendy frames danced in my head, fueled by my newfound insurance validation. Designer sunglassesI decided on gray tint instead of brown, but other than that I had no idea which frames to choose.
Fast forward to ABQ Uptown's Warby Parker, where I met my dream glasses: the Vela sunglasses in Terracotta with Polished Gold. They fit perfectly, the most comfortable sunglasses of my life...and they are "extra wide". Turns out I have a big, ol' watermelon noggin!
Warby Parker Vela
I found these same Vela frames on eBay for only $19.99 advertised as 'authentic Warby Parker' but their signature Graduated Rivets were rusty. Methinks they're more likely authentic Parker Warby sunglasses.

Plot twist: the magical key to sunglasses bliss, my Davis Vision ID number, remained elusive. Turns out, Davis Vision operates in a parallel universe where ID cards are mythical creatures and user-friendly websites resemble ancient scrolls.

Sexy Nerd and I, valiant digital knights, attempted to breach the online fortress, only to be met with error messages more cryptic than a fortune cookie written by Shakespeare.

Act II: Warby Parker Call Center Chronicles and Store Employee Conundrums

With optimism in tow, I dialed up Warby Parker. However, the call took an unexpected turn, landing me in a not-so-magical call center where predicting my ID number seemed beyond the grasp of even psychic fortune tellers. Yet, fear not, dear reader, as they graciously imparted a nugget of wisdom: Warby Parker and Davis Vision are, apparently, buddies in the eye care realm!

Fueled by this curious insight, I braved my local store, only to encounter a problem. "Insurance? Not our thing," the Warby Parker salesperson chuckled, shattering my carefully constructed reality like a dropped pair of bifocals.

Apparently, Warby Parker's insurance dealings reside in Narnia, and claims forms? Well, they'd mistake them for oversized, trendy frames.

Burberry pattern glassesClose 2nd choice? Eyemart Express has Burberry frames with their classic tartan-check!
Burberry decorCan you tell I'm a tad obsessed with the pattern?

Act III: Eyemart Express Memories and the Paperwork Puzzle

The Warby Parker salesperson, ever the optimist, suggested, "Just file it yourself! Easy as pie!" Yet, my smile wavered. The ghosts of Eyemart Express 2019 haunted me: the Longchamp debacle, the appeals, Davis Vision's not-so-generous payout, and the cruel clause deeming self-filed claims as "out-of-network," even when purchased from an in-network provider.

And me? A seasoned insurance warrior, a dental-form aficionado, yet here I stood, facing the optometrical paperwork dragon with trepidation.

Longchamp glasses
I love my Longchamp glasses with Transitions lenses, but I don't love that my Davis Vision only provided out-of-network coverage for them, especially as they were purchased from an in-network Eyemart Express.

The Grand Finale: A Call to Action and a Nudge to the Quirky

So, dear reader, the curtain descends on this comedic, insurance-laden saga. Warby Parker and Davis Vision, a duo in bureaucratic dance, a confusion tango for us mere mortals. Proceed with caution, arm yourself with patience, a dash of quirky humor, and maybe keep a lawyer on standby.

May your frames be stylish, your lenses clear, and your insurance troubles minimal. Remember, laughter is the best prescription, even when navigating the optometrical maze. Onward, to the next pair. Let's hope it comes without a side of paperwork purgatory!
Warby Parker alternative
As long as Davis Vision won't be helping with the cost, I may as well seek out fun sunglasses elsewhere. This boutique pair from Powder UK is much more affordable than Warby Parker and is channeling my inner Iris Apfel!

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