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Decorating with Wallpaper

Update: We are happily moved into our new home and I have narrowed down the choices on this list to  only  19. Most of our walls right now are just plain white. It's so boring! We recently (okay, SN recently) installed  our home's very first wallpaper , which looks amazing and completely changed the look of our hallway. Wouldn't this pattern be pretty on the wall behind a bed? I fell down the rabbit hole this morning, clicking a wallpaper link in my digital copy of House Beautiful and scrolling through dozens, maybe hundreds (thousands?) of pages. It was around 9 am when I started and was close to 4 pm when I finished. This was a problem for two reasons. I actually had things to do today. Lots of things. Our new house won't be ready until at least July. I'm not in the market for wallpaper. A few hours into my never-ending search, it occurred to me that it wasn't really wasting time if I shared my favorites here on my blog. Yes, I was totally