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Melting Snowman Cookies (Fail!)

Annual repost because you need to learn from our mistakes. "I'm Melting! Melting..." You know those cute lil' squashed marshmallow fellows that have been popping up all across the blogosphere lately? The ones with the charming little scarves and glossy icing?  Meh,  you grumble. Everyone knows how to make  Melting Snowman Cookies . These are not quite those cookies. Also, settle down there, Scrooge McDuck. I wanted to make something that would knock the socks off of the girls at work for our cookie exchange. Knock their socks off but also not take too long or cost too much or require too much effort, you know? Problem #1? No eggs. Unfazed, I found a great shortbread recipe that used powdered sugar, flour, and butter to make an egg-free cookie. I mixed up the dough and started a load of dishes, mixer parts included, while it chilled. Problem #2? Fearing they would burn, my first 2 pans of cookies were severely under-cooked. Why is it that you can't ju

End of Year Memes

As the year draws to a close, it's time to reflect on the roller coaster ride that has been 2023 – and what better way to do that than with a hearty dose of laughter? Memes are a staple in our daily online interactions, whether you love them or hate them. And if you hate them, you can make like 2023 and get the heck out of here! End of Year Memes In this grand finale to the year, join me on a virtual journey through the last hurrah of 2023's funniest memes. The internet's shared comedic brilliance provides the perfect momentary escape when you want to do everything except the thing you are actually *supposed* to be doing. (That's why you're here right now. Admit it.) So grab a handful of cookies, take a swig of hard egg nog, and join this laughter-filled tour of the memes that will have you hitting the "share" button one last time in 2023. Let the countdown to laughter commence!

Funny Christmas Memes

What's that? You're sick of this year and sick of the cold weather outside and, considering it's winter, are literally sick with a cough and runny nose? (Yuck.) I'm posting this early in December. Did you know it's technically still Autumn until the 21st, meaning we do the majority of our Christmas celebrating - decorating, shopping for gifts, office parties, holiday markets - in the fall? Such silliness. If the old saying is true and laughter truly is the best medicine, memes are a delightful prescription! You're going to be feeling better in no time, sickie. Funny Christmas Memes Last year's  Christmas Memes  post, which include plenty of inappropriate laughs that are in poor taste and not suitable to share with friends and family (aka the funniest ones for the holidays) is still raking in the ol' blog traffic. Welcome to the site, all you little Santas and Elves and Reindeer! Back by popular demand, here are new Funny Christmas Memes for 2023!