Vacation Day #10 - Loreto

This was our favorite stop in Mexico.

It's funny how different things can seem when you get home and look at your vacation photos. When we were in Loreto, I could have sworn that the L was there!

Loreto is the way Santa Fe thinks they are.


I would love to paint our house just like this. It's probably a good thing we have a homeowner's association!


There was a cage with 2 birds at one of the shops. I insisted to Sexy Nerd that 1 of the birds was out to get me. He thought I was being ridiculous, but I have the photo to prove it!

On a side note, I thought the flash was turned off. It wasn't.

 Of all the beaches we saw on our Holland America Veendam cruise, this one was the ugliest.

It was also the only one we stopped at.

Oooh, artsy! 

Here is one of the nicer beaches. Forget the sun and sand - we loved the trash cans!

Una mas cerveza, por favor?
Oh, and thank you Google Translator!

Vacation Day #9 - Topolobampo/Los Mochis

Holland America tried to get everyone to sign up for their Copper Canyon excursion. It was described as a 16-18 hour train ride that left at 5am. The cost? $400 per person. Our entire 2 week cruise was only about $600 per person and we rode on a train at the beginning of our vacation. Needless to say, the Copper Canyon tour didn't appeal to us at all. But there was nothing to do in the industrial town of Topolobampo. Luckily, the city of Los Mochis provided a free shuttle to take cruise ship passengers to their city.

When traveling, I like to try to blend in with the locals as much as possible. To me, this seems like a safe move against theives who target tourists. It also makes for a more authentic way to experience a different culture. As for Sexy Nerd, he insisted on bringing the CamelBak backpack instead of water bottles.

And, of course, his safari hat.

Since blending in with the locals had gone out the window, Starbucks seemed like an appropriate dining option in Los Mochis.

The city had a lovely botanical garden with free admission.

Proud Tree Hugger

The highlight of our trip was a bakery near the bus stop. Everything was 2/$1. We bought 2 pastries that were shaped like ice cream cones, filled with custard, and topped with cherries. They were so good that we went back for 4 more pastries. Our original plan was to bring them back to our room on the ship to enjoy later, but we ended up eating them all on the bus ride back.

As for this photo, you are looking at Topolobampo at 1am. The "$400 16-18 hour train ride" returned to the Veendam about 3 hours behind schedule. It turns out that Holland America ommited the little detail about the train derailing whenever there is a flood.

Sooooooo glad we skipped the Copper Canyon excursion!

Mouse Wine And Cheese Napkins

We found these at Nordstrom (or was it Bloomingdales?) when we were in San Diego and I've been kicking myself for not buying them ever since. I figured that they would go on sale and I'd simply order them online - neither store lists these on their website! Now, I've located these super cute little napkins here, but the shipping charge is $8.00 (to ship 4 feather-light napkins that could easily be mailed in a standard yellow envelope with 2 stamps like I use at work every day!) That price sucks the cuteness right out of these.

If any store in Albuquerque is selling these, lemme know!
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