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Kitty's Quote of the Day

We've all had harmless fun teasing the ridiculous things Sexy Nerd says on this blog (extra emphasis on harmless, lest anyone think the poor guy runs off to sulk every time a new post goes up). Today, however, is my turn. For my birthday, my super-awesomely fabulous boss gave me 2 tickets to a show I've been wanting to see. Here's how our pitiful conversation unraveled:

My boss: "Is it this Thursday or next Thursday?"

Me, checking the date on my tickets, on my birthday: "Umm...this Thursday, I think. Wait, what's the date today?"

Another year older and another year wiser.

To top my brilliant birthday statement off, the show is actually next Thursday. Now, let's all forget about this and revert our attention back where it belongs - on the silly things that Sexy Nerd has said:

Kitty Deschanel - 1
Sexy Nerd - 5 and counting