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Copenhagen in November

I shared photos from our trip to Iceland, but none from Denmark. Copenhagen deserves better than that! We had a great time walking the cobblestone streets, visiting castles, and enjoying the Christmas markets that seemed to be everywhere. (Seriously, they were even inside some of the castles.)

Copenhagen November 25-30, 2015 (Photos post 1 of 2...because 80 photos seemed like waaay to many for one blog post.)

 Ever since our trip to Australia, Sexy Nerd insists I pose like this whenever we come across a cannon.
It happens more often than you might expect.

The Worker's Museum in Copenhagen.
We didn't get it.

Waterfall House - Flipped!

Remember the waterfall house we nearly bought? The one with the bat skeleton and huge hunk of mountainside in the living room? At around $270,000 in our dream neighborhood, I thought it was a great investment opportunity. Sexy Nerd, however, thought it was a money pit.
Today, it is listed online for almost $600,000.
The infamous waterfall, now dewatered and stuffed with fake flowers. Meh.
The sagging balcony/roof, which was the deal-breaker for us, is still as saggy as ever.
All of this used to be open to the 1st floor, below. I understand the genius in closing it off from an investment standpoint, but it had looked sooo bright and airy when everything was open!
Darn you, Sexy Nerd.
(And also MWAH! I can't stay mad at you, my love.)
For all the photos from 4701 Paso Del Puma Pl NE 87111, click here.

The Biggest BBQ Mistake You Can Make

Summer has officially arrived, marked by 100+ degree weather here in Albuquerque, a haircut for Biscuit (she looks so tiny now!), and homemade burgers on our patio. I arrived home from work yesterday to find a buffet of topping options on our kitchen island, courtesy of Sexy Nerd, and we quickly got to work building the perfect burgers.

I can never resist a unique sauce/dressing/topping/condiment/anything food whatsoever when it's on clearance, so we've accumulated quite a few unique burger topping options.
Mango Habanero Ketchup? Check.
Parsley Garlic Sauce? Of course.
Mojo Picon? Obviously.
Truffle Oil? You know it.
Wasabi Sauce? Duh.
Tabouli? Burger-topping extraordinaire.
Cranberry Horseradish Mustard? It actually tastes identical to everyday brown mustard. I may have been scammed on this one.
Pickled Beets? Is it even a burger without this?
Olive Paste? Olive you, olive paste.
The list goes on, and I had to find a way to include every single option. I divided my two burge…

Construction Photos: It's All in the Details

Another construction-crammed post already?? We're finally building our dream home. It's too exciting not to share!

Unlike my previous post, I'll try to rein in my rambling on this one and just share photos. You can jump to your own conclusion on things, such as whether or not some of the windows appear to be tied with string.

(They totally do. Ack!)

Foyer View from the Foyer My Office
Hallway Bathroom
I know I'm supposed to be skipping the commentary, but it's worth pointing out that, yes, that is a curved floor to go underneath the bathroom vanity. It's a crazy house, so why not?
Master Bedroom
See the fireplace? It's going to look real, but won't actually be functional because YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH A FIREPLACE COSTS. Seriously, it's disgusting.
My Closet
Sexy Nerd insisted on adding skylights to my closet, though I begged to remove them from the plan for months. He says they will not fade or affect my clothing in any way whatsoeve…