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Merry Xmas Weekend!

The Not "Baaad" Sundays blog hop will be back next weekend. For now, kick back and relax during the looong weekend (for me, at least. There are no patients at our office until January 8th!)
Expecting a bit more from this post? The gingerbread marshmallows I made for Christmas taste AMAZING dropped into a hot cup of coffee. Have you made them yet?

Wedding Jitters

Alrighty, I'm finally trying to plan out this darn wedding thingy, (Derek and I have been engaged for HOW LONG? Holy cow!) There's one little problem though - the idea of getting married completely freaks me out!!! I don't know anything about planning weddings or receptions. I'm too shy and too anti-sappy stuff to get married! So, what should we do? We like the idea of having an itty bitty, barely even counts ceremony and a huge reception with everyone we know afterward, (who will probably resent us for inviting them to the reception but not the ceremony, but whatever!) Does this idea sound completely screwed up? HELP! I'm going nuts, (and I don't think I was exactly the most sane person around to begin with!)

Love Thy Neighbor

A certain woman in my neighborhood, (who will probably read this so I won't be too specific...) IS COMPLETELY INSANE! She was complaining that there are elm tree suckers in my yard, (which I guess are baby trees...?) She was afraid that the saplings were going to spread and that we would have a neighborhood elm tree infestation to deal with, so she came over to pull them out. I couldn't help wondering what she was actually going to do, since there were no suckers in my yard. What did she do? She cut down my rosebushes and stuffed them into my dumpster right after trash day, (umm...I was kinda planning on using my dumpster throughout the week, but whatever!)

*Update on 1/11/11: We moved years ago, so let's go ahead and just call this looney neighbor Paula!

This was not the only time that my odd neighbor used my dumpster. Sexy Nerd took our trash to the curb a few weeks ago and ran into our new neighbors from across the street, who were also bringing their dumpster to the c…