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How To Increase Traffic to Your Blog

...otherwise known as the Not "Baaad" Sundays blog hop! After linking up, I'd love to know: Are you going away for 4th of July this weekend, next weekend, or not at all? It's tricky to get away from work with the holiday being right in the middle of the week. Now, let's see all the nifty awesomeness everyone has been posting! I'm posting this a little early. It will be interesting to see if we get more links.

How to Plan Your Vacation to Australia

Sexy Nerd is IMPOSSIBLE to plan a vacation with! He's the kind of person who says things like "Why are you stressing out about this? Just book something." and then complains about everything you consider booking. I really wanted to include a stopover in Honolulu. It would break up the long flight from LAX to Sydney and only cost a little more than flying directly. With our 5 year wedding anniversary approaching, we had been hoping to revisit our ceremony location and eat our wedding cake (one of the benefits of using a cake that the bakery has in stock every day). Unfortunately, no matter how hard I planned, I just couldn't seem to create an itinerary that included Hawaii. Sexy Nerd kept saying to skip it. He said that a trip to Australia should focus 100% on Australia and that he didn't care about stopping in Honolulu. So, I showed him an idea for an itinerary. "But I thought we were going to stop in Hawaii," he said, completely crushed. &qu

Adopt a Black Cat

I would like to tell you something I learned at the Albuquerque Lucky Paws animal shelter yesterday. Did you know that, nationwide, black cats are the least likely to be adopted? If you are a black cat, you are more likely to be put to sleep than any other cat in the shelter. Now, I don't know about you, but I have known some remarkably lovable black cats. And they're CUTE! What is with the black kitty aversion? Society doesn't still think they're bad luck, right? Right? Luna from Sailor Moon would tell you that's preposterous!

Gandolf 101

Let's Get Organized!

The folks at BlogHer want to know: What are your favorite resources (Products, Apps, Books, Websites, etc.) to help you get organized? Hmmm... My best tip for getting organized is one that I stole from work. Get yourself a box, like the ones paper comes in, and an assortment of folders to stand inside the box. I use this idea for e verything , from keeping track of different bank accounts and credit cards to magazine subscriptions. Some Fun Folder Ideas Decorating Inspiration Party Plans Future Travel Itineraries Books I Want to Read (whenever I finally have time) Websites to Visit (same problem as before!) I also created a Vitamins/Supplements folder, which is great because I can rip out an article on something I'd like to research further and possibly try, then take care of everything in one order the next time I'm ready to make a purchase from (translation = easier to hit the minimum purchase required for free shipping!) And

BLOG HOP! Share Your Favorite Posts

Happy Father's Day weekend, everyone! I'm looking forward to visiting each of the sites linked below. I'll let you know if your post makes it onto the LambAround Pinterest board!

Blog Hop! Increase Traffic To Your Blog

It's after 1am and I'm scheduling this post for tomorrow (today). Aaargh! I am not feeling remotely close to being able to fall asleep. It may have been the green tea I drank too close to bedtime. Or it might have been that bag of M&Ms I polished off. Also, for the past several days, I've been unable to get this song out of my head: Love him or hate him, Obama's version of Call Me, Maybe is better than the original. Thank you for taking the time to blog hop with me. I visit every link and my favorites are shared on the LambAround Pinterest board . Have a great, sleep-filled weekend, bloggy friends!

A Healthy Recipe: KALE CHIPS (Also, No Recipe!)

You've probably noticed some changes to my blog lately. There's a new header almost weekly (I really like my new one and think it's here to stay...though I said the exact same thing about the last one, which is dead to me now), I'm posting more frequently, and I've been cleaning up some of the nonsense in old posts. Wow, there's so much nonsense!  Plus, I've completely done away with anything lamb-related from the good ol' LambAround days, so if you're a new reader to this blog, you're going to be confused if you look very far into the post archives, which is lamb everything . I'm working on it! I see all these other blogs succeeding and think Hey, I can do that . Call it a side effect of my latest crazy brain meltdown . Today, I'm looking through drafts that were never posted. Here's a gem from 2011, where I took a million photos to teach you how to make kale chips. The photos are from 2011 and the text is from today because

Michelob Ultra Dragon Fruit Peach

Sexy Nerd and I recently completed a road trip from Albuquerque, NM to Phoenix and Tucson. As you may remember, a certain someone hates staycations , so we had to get out of our own state. We loaded up the trusty Alero and hit the road. Our first stop was Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. Pretty, but not pretty enough to pull over? Bam! Chilling in the shade of the Crazy Old Man hat. Petrified Forest petroglyphs. Our theory is that ancient teenagers were bored (wouldn't you be??) and vandalized these rocks. The park service and scientists everywhere have a different theory. Our next road trip destination... (duh nuh na nuh) The Grand Canyon Sexy Nerd is a bit of a worrywart and he refused to venture anywhere near the edge. Like, anywhere remotely close to it. This photo was taken with the lens zoomed waaay in and has been cropped so that I'm not off in the distance. I was being cautious. See me using that tree f

Cheap Molding and Magazine Pages

I entered the Kenmore Genius Tips contest on Facebook. Right now, I'm in the top 6 ! If you can spare a moment (possibly a moment per day, as you're allowed to vote once every day) I'd really appreciate it if you vote for my tip. Ooh, and spread the word! Yeah, I know you're awesome ;) ***Click Here for Lamb's Fabulous Tip*** Wondering if my tip is worth your time? Here are my tip-related photos, taken in my downstairs guest bathroom: Before (Yucky!) After! (Snazzy!) Sexy Nerd did all the work, but I'm enjoying basking in the credit. Thank you for voting!

BLOG HOP! Share Your Favorite Posts

Freshly popped popcorn drizzled with truffle oil and tossed with Season All, garlic, and sugar kicks butt. Let's link up! Remember, sharing your favorite posts is the easiest way to make it onto the LambAround Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter sites. I visit every link! Have a snazztastic weekend everyone! Yes, very snazztastic indeed.