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The Trouble with Travel

Sexy Nerd and I spent last week traveling to and from London. Did you catch that little news story where all the airports in Chicago had to be canceled because of a control tower fire? Of course we were totally flying to Chicago (or trying to, at least) when that was happening. What are the odds?

During our trip, we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express and the much fancier, luxurious Crowne Plaza. Both hotels had one important thing in common...

Their beds made us miss our Amerisleep mattress! Like, reeeally miss it. Neither of the hotels use memory foam mattresses. We had forgotten how uncomfortable a conventional mattress can be. My back is still killing me!

At the Holiday Inn Express, my mattress was so soft it felt like I was falling down into it. The sides rose up to surround me, like a taco. There was also something inside the mattress (a spring?) that kept poking me, but it was running right through the middle so it was impossible to avoid. I think it's actually a fairly new hotel, so I was surprised by how worn the beds seemed.

At the Crowne Plaza, they supposedly make sleep their #1 priority. We were even given a little goody box of sleep-inducing pillow mist and pressure point oil. However, their fancy mattress was so firm that it felt like they'd simply taken a board of wood and wrapped it in fabric. Our first night, I actually considered sleeping on the floor because the carpet seemed like it would be softer.

Of course, who wants to put their face on hotel carpet? Yuck!

Back at home in Albuquerque, we've had our Amerisleep Liberty Bed mattress for almost half a decade now (my original review from 2012 can be found here) and it's 100% as comfortable as when it was new. Yes, it cost slightly more than a cheap, spring mattress, but those are supposed to be replaced every 7 years or so. (And if they're crappy, like our old Simmons Beautyrest, they won't even be comfortable after one year!) Based on how nonexistent the wear and tear on our Amerisleep mattress is, I'll be surprised if we don't keep it forever.

 London, baby!
 (With dark sunglasses to hide our sleepy eyes.)

This post is NOT sponsored by Amerisleep or any other mattress company - I'm just a happy customer sharing my review.


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