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Sexy Nerd Quote of the Day

Sexy Nerd and I are the worst aunt and uncle in the world. The last time we saw our little niece (10 months ago?) she wanted nothing to do with us, which is understandable since we never, ever spend any time with her. Truth be told, as childless thirty-somethings, we were probably more scared of her than she was of us. 

I tried to win her over by sitting to watch Aladdin, but my presence in the room was too much. She didn't want to watch a movie if I was also going to watch it. Sexy Nerd was zero help, declaring it a hopeless effort to get to know his niece and saying that maybe things will be easier when she's older.

How to win over a child with mcdonalds
 Maybe we can bribe her with some McDonalds? Kids still love McDonalds...right?

I brought the issue up again yesterday, stressing to Sexy Nerd that we really should make more of an effort, and that it's only going to be harder the longer we wait to get involved. He explained his feelings, in complete seriousness, as follows:

"It's hard to be around kids. Like, if someone wants me to watch their dog, I feel perfectly comfortable around someone else's dog. But if they want me to watch their kid, it's different."

Wow, Sexy Nerd.