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Here for some puppy cuteness? Meet Olive and Bernadette.

We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

The Siren Call of Sleep Aids and Supplements

You've probably seen all the hubbub in the news about how many of the sleep aids, supplements, and vitamins on the market are a scam, often containing little or none (NONE!?) of the ingredients claimed. It's especially bad news here in our household, where we have a bottle or two...thirteen...of vitamins and supplements. The ones I take every morning. Oh, and these too. I hate mushrooms, so reishi pills make a lot of sense, right? Sexy Nerd and I take these each day. The Saw Palmetto was recommended for our lousy, acne-prone skin. (I am not taking it for prostate health. I really can't stress that enough!) Even our dogs take a daily fish oil pill!   Pica loooves them, whether there are any health benefits or not. She's addicted to sucking on her own toes (aren't dogs just the worst?) and fish oil pills supposedly help reduce the hacking that results. She still hacks just as much as ever. In my defense, I never intended to buy some o

Long Distance Marriage

I don't say it enough here on my site, but I just absolutely love that Sexy Nerd of mine. You wouldn't suspect it if you knew him in real life, with his professional attire and reasonable social skills, but he's every bit as weird as me. I'm missing him this week because he's been traveling for work more than usual. He just got home from Kansas City last night and he's already gone again for a different business trip ! And he leaves again next week for California . Sexy Nerd insists he doesn't have a secret other family, but isn't all this traveling exactly what someone with a secret other family would do? You'd expect this would mean lots of phone calls, but guess what? I don't have a phone, home or otherwise. Well, not a working phone, at least, but my non-working phone is only $5 per month (more than $6 with taxes...which seems like a heck of a lot of taxes, now that I think of it. More than 20% taxes??) so we are all about emailing. Pretty

Freezing in Washington, DC

I tagged along with Sexy Nerd this week on a business trip to Washington, DC. The weather forecast warned against it, but I decided to take my chances because I'd never been. Record cold wasn't going to cancel my trip to Washington, DC...although perhaps it should have. Next week, Sexy Nerd is jetting off to Napa Valley. I may have chosen the wrong business trip.  Here's a photo of me freezing my butt off, on the warmest day of the entire trip !!! I've lived in the Bay Area and the desert. I've never experienced such cold weather in all my life. It was BRUTAL! Saturday warmed up enough to snow and snow some more (and then, it snowed a little more) until the snow was finally replaced with something called "freezing rain". I had a second pair of pants on under these jeans. How can people live like this? There were a few people who were excited to see me during my trip...until they found out I'd need showing around during the bli