60 Favorite Wallpaper Ideas and Designs

I fell down the rabbit hole this morning, clicking a wallpaper link in my digital copy of House Beautiful and scrolling through dozens, maybe hundreds (thousands?) of pages. It was around 9 am when I started and was close to 4 pm when I finished. This was a problem for two reasons.
  1. I actually had things to do today. Lots of things.
  2. Our new house won't be ready until at least July. I'm not in the market for wallpaper.
A few hours into my neverending search, it occurred to me that it wasn't really wasting time if I shared my favorites here on my blog. Yes, I was totally being productive! Don't let the pajamas fool you.

dining room with tulip wallpaper mural
I love wallpaper. Here's a photo of the wallpaper mural in our current dining room. It completely transformed the room.

Here are the wallpapers that caught my eye, all from Wallpaper Direct. This is not a sponsored post. No affiliate links or sales commissions; just justification for an otherwise wasted Tuesday. Most of these are perfect for a rustic, mountain home, with plenty of nods to nature. Some are silly and weird - my wallpaper soulmates. If you see something you like but it's not quite what you're looking for, visit the site to see if the pattern is available in another color. I've listed my choices here, which tend to lean more bold than pastel, but most of these are available in a variety of colors and shades. There's something for every price range and there are many budget-friendly picks for $35 or less for a double roll. Quite the bargain! That said, my absolute favorites are more than triple that price. It figures, doesn't it?

blue bedroom with a matching wallpaper headboard
This is the guest bedroom in our current house. We created a headboard for the bed out of wallpaper and painted the walls to match.

Wallpaper Tip

Oh, I almost forgot my handy tip for choosing wallpaper. It's a good one - 7 hours of wallpaper shopping will do that. You're going to want to show off your fancy new wall to everyone who visits your house, so take a risk and don't choose something boring. If you go with a plain wallpaper that doesn't even make you smile, what's the point?

Ceiling Wallpaper Ideas

A little wallpaper on the ceiling = high impact. Our new home features tray ceilings in the bedrooms (a double tray in the master bedroom - we're so fancy) and it's the perfect place to showcase a fun pattern. Just imagine waking up to gaze at leaves illuminated against a sunlit sky. Rose petals on the ceiling are a romantic touch that won't leave you with flowers mashed into the carpet.

wallpaper that mimics a skylight

Monserrat wallpaper - $79/double roll

end cut logs on the ceiling
Timber wallpaper - $36/double roll

We've actually designed our new foyer with end-cut logs hanging from the ceiling. It's going to look amazing! Sexy Nerd is installing the logs himself though and we don't actually know where we're going to get them yet and he has about a million other things to do first, so this wallpaper may have to suffice for our first year in the new home.

children will love a butterfly ceiling
Bahia wallpaper - $41/double roll

use wallpaper to create architectural interest on a budget
Wall Panels wallpaper - $36/double roll

Ironwork Trellis wallpaper - $41/double roll

Petals wallpaper - $33/double roll

cheerful and bright yellow
Nimikko wallpaper - $87/double roll

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

A small powder room is a perfect place for a bold pattern. Our new hallway bathroom features champagne bronze fixtures, which is Delta's fancy name for gold. I think a wallpaper with gold accents is exactly what I need to pull everything together.

As for the brick wallpaper below, I would have been strongly opposed to that a few weeks ago. I'll use real bricks instead, I would have said. That was before I priced real bricks. We're paying approximately $5/sq ft for materials plus another $11 (!!!) for installation. Suddenly, that brick wallpaper looks really nice.

feather decor is in right now

Metallic Brick wallpaper - $41/double roll

Ruutukaava wallpaper - $123/double roll

Side note: Sexy Nerd and I both thought this was a Native American pattern with arrows and feathers, perfect for our location in the mountains outside Albuquerque, NM. According to the wallpaper site though, the arrows and feathers are actually skyscrapers. Hmmm.

Glitter wallpaper - $88/roll

Sparkle wallpaper - $44/double roll

Jacobean wallpaper - $95/double roll

Her Office Wallpaper Ideas

Note there are several choices here that feature buildings. You might say that when I'm in my office, I'm in my own little world.
(Hee, hee.)

Painted House wallpaper - $39/double roll

Zelda Citrine wallpaper - $111/double roll

Biography wallpaper - $131/double roll

Bergen wallpaper - $70/double roll

His Office Wallpaper Ideas

Sexy Nerd is a good sport. My office is as large as our master bedroom and features a walk-in closet, built-in bookshelves, and its own bathroom. His is a teensie nook off the hallway with no door. He at least deserves a special wallpaper, something that says This is my office...not just another part of the hallway.

Common Room wallpaper - $92/double roll

Stitched Leather wallpaper - $46/double roll

This is available in several colors and, during my virtual wallpaper shopping spree, this orange was calling my name. Now though, I think it looks like a basketball!

Geometrie Gridlock wallpaper - $44/double roll

Pantry Wallpaper Ideas

We're going to have the craziest pantry ever. I'm in love with all three of these wallpaper options. A pig pantry! LEMURS! And, for some reason, cactus + cheetahs. The two wallpapers that don't make it into our pantry will surely find a home inside our coat closets.

Lemur wallpaper - $30/double roll


Hoppmosse wallpaper - $101/double roll


 Cheetahs wallpaper - $109/double roll


This is going to be a tricky decision. This must be why most people don't wallpaper their pantry.

Master Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

One of my favorite features in HGTV Magazine is their High/Low list, which shows you an expensive home decor item, followed by an affordable alternative. Like the green wallpaper below? For almost $70 less, I think you'll like the one below it even more.

Hexagonal Trellis wallpaper - $157/double roll

Circuit wallpaper - $89/double roll

Spotted Deer Hide wallpaper - $56/double roll

Guest Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

I like the idea of decorating the guest bedroom differently from the rest of the house. This lets guests know it's their own private space. I'm especially eying the hot air balloon wallpaper below, as our Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is a top reason for friends and family to visit us here in New Mexico.

Kismet wallpaper - $32/roll

Signature wallpaper - $233/double roll

Balloons wallpaper - $64/double roll

Hallway Wallpaper Ideas

Trees, trees, and more trees! It's going to be like a stroll through nature everytime I leave a room.

Twig wallpaper - $57/double roll

San Marino Texture wallpaper - $56/double roll

Branches wallpaper - $31/double roll

Leaf Texture wallpaper - $56/double roll

Cow Parsley wallpaper - $129/double roll

Berry Tree wallpaper - $97/double roll

Birchwood wallpaper - $35/double roll

Hadrian wallpaper - $61/double roll

Woods and Pears wallpaper - $123/double roll

Her Closet Ideas

It's my closet and I can decorate it any way I want. Here come the pink bunnies! Or judgemental peacocks. They'll only judge other people, not me.

Heathland wallpaper - $84/double roll

Catarina wallpaper - $41/double roll

Liatris wallpaper - $41/double roll

Green Flora wallpaper - $39/double roll

Kyasha wallpaper - $72/double roll

Crystal wallpaper - $27/double roll

Hibiscus wallpaper - $49/double roll

Glitter Spots wallpaper - $136/double roll

His Closet Ideas

There's a theme here. Much like his inferior office, Sexy Nerd's closet is meager compared to mine. Before you feel too badly for him though, have you seen his garage? Yeah, there's no sympathy here for him.

Common Room wallpaper - $92/double roll

A room with the pattern above is no common room.
(Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Palm Forest wallpaper - $52/double roll

Fiddle leaf figs and other houseplants with large leaves are having a decorating moment right now.

Puntos wallpaper - $80/double roll

French Postcards wallpaper - $36/double roll

Dining Nook/Dining Room Ideas

Similar to decorating a powder room, a cozy dining nook is a great opportunity to show off a bold wallpaper pattern. I love to introduce textures whenever possible...even if it's only a faux texture through wallpaper. Many of today's designs feature 3-dimensional printing and metallic ink, so they count.

Brasilia wallpaper - $41/double roll

Wood Logs wallpaper - $35/double roll

Leather Effect wallpaper - $36/double roll

Shoot wallpaper - $177/double roll

Leather wallpaper - $50/double roll

Dog Room Wallpaper Ideas

Yes, Pica and Biscuit are getting their very own bedroom. Hooray for life without kids!

Mr Fox wallpaper - $76.23/double roll

Our new house is going to need more walls.

5/1/18 Update: We are happily moved into our new home and I have narrowed down the choices on this list to only 19. Most of our walls right now are just plain white and it's so boring! We recently (okay, SN recently) installed our home's very first wallpaper, which turned out AMAZINGLY and completely changed the look of our hallway.

Also, I just checked the Wallpaper Direct website and, of course, they have zillions of new choices that I've never seen before. Guess what I'm going to be doing the rest of today.