Here for some puppy cuteness? Meet Olive and Bernadette.

We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

A Blogger Without Internet Is Like...'s like...ummm...well, I don't know what a blogger without internet is like because I don't have the internet to look it up.

I'm forced to pre-write this post offline because we've moved into our new house (hooray!) and Century Link is a big bunch of buttheads who won't connect our internet service (boo!).

I have an exciting new Amerisleep review to share with you. We recently ordered 2 more mattresses, an Amerisleep Revere (AS2) and an Amerisleep Colonial (AS4) to complement our 5-years-young Liberty Bed. I might even use it as an opportunity to test out Facebook Live. If only I had internet...

There are lots of new home photos to share. I've been cooking in our fabulous all-white kitchen and have some great new recipes to share. We've seen wild animals and have narrowly avoided running them over (thank goodness) and there are funny stories to share about their near misses with death. I even went on my first-ever business trip. I need to share! If only I had internet...

This little drawing sums up my feelings nicely.

Century Link was supposed to install my internet on Tuesday. I contacted them to see about changing the time because it was difficult to miss work, but they couldn't help me. I missed work.

They stood me up.

I contacted Century Link to reschedule. They were very sorry and said it certainly would not happen again. While I complained, they tried to up-sell me on more services. Nevermind they can't seem to fulfill the service I already purchased from them. The only available installation time required me to miss work a second time. I missed work.

They stood me up again.

I called. They placed me on hold for half an hour, then hung up on me.

I called again. I got someone who seemed to have a brain and they got in touch with the technician. They said he would call me personally, any minute now. Also, they were still coming to install my internet that very night. Hooray! No one ever called. No one ever showed up.

Now it is Friday and my internet is supposedly going to be installed. Third time's the charm? I don't need to miss work again though. Century Link said there's no need for me to be home, as they don't need to go inside the house. SO THEN WHY DID YOU SPECIFICALLY TELL ME I NEEDED TO BE THERE BOTH OF THE OTHER TIMES YOU STOOD ME UP?!


9/24/17 Update: Third time is not the charm, as Century Link did not come install the internet again. The best part? The next day, someone finally came to our new house, completely unannounced and unscheduled. They left a little note on our door scolding us for not being home so that they could install our internet.

Fifth time's the charm, Century Link??

9/25/17 Update: I lost it with the Century Link guy over the phone. It was an unexpected yet satisfying rant of swear words, triggered by him reading a note in my account that states my internet has not been installed yet "because customer is never home." I am currently scheduled for October 12th. OCTOBER 12TH!! I don't think I've ever hated a company this much in my life. F you, Century Link.


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