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5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas from CanvasPop

Mother's Day is already less than a month away. Can you believe it? I swear we were just celebrating New Year's Eve (by falling asleep at 9 pm, the party animals that we are). If you're going to get your mom, grandma, aunt, or other caretaker in your life a present, now is the time. Actually, I usually receive a Mother's Day gift from my boss - I don't even have kids!

mother's day gift ideas using mom's favorite photos

You don't want to place an order at the last moment and be stuck doing that stressful, jittery "Oooh, I hope it comes today. No? Oooh, I hope it comes tomorrow" dance, eventually presenting your mom with just a card and a written description of what she is eventually going to receive. (Been there - don't recommend it.)

Of all the artwork and photo displays in our new home, my canvas print from CanvasPop is easily my favorite. It showcases all our best vacation memories and is a constant source of compliments from visitors. Your mom would love it! After all, wouldn't you rather receive something that lasts forever than flowers? You know the quality of delivered flowers (and the price!) around major holidays is always frustrating anyway.

canvaspop example
Scoring bonus points for sentimental value, I wrote the date and location of each photo on the back of our canvas print.

One of the great things about CanvasPop is that they have a wide selection of layouts and styles to choose from. What looks perfect in your aunt's house may not be your mom's style at all. With CanvasPop, everyone is happy. They also make the process foolproof. When I designed our photo collage, I was alerted when a photo I'd planned to use was too low of a resolution to look good printed.

Here are a few more of my favorite Mother's Day gift ideas from CanvasPop:

how to frame a photo for mom
 A Framed Print
custom photo pillow
A Custom 18x18" Photo Pillow

(Raise your hand if your mom is a crazy cat lady. Me: Both hands waaay up in the air...not that I'm jealous of my fur brothers or anything.)

gift idea #4: canvas print for mom
A Canvas Print of a Single Image

If your mom is anything like me (you poor dear), you'll be thrilled to know CanvasPop also offers gift cards. No matter how fabulous and perfect your photo gift to me is, I will always prefer to design it myself. It's terrible of me, I know. Part of the fun is sorting through all of my photos (memories) though.

Ready to explore all the great gift ideas for yourself and check "Buy All-Time Greatest Mother's Day Present" off your To Do list? Visit CanvasPop to get started. When you're done, please let me know. I'd love to see your creation!


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