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Funny Hot Tub Comic

I think we might be overdue for another installment of my comic strip, LambAround. The last one was published more than eight years ago! So much for turning it into a weekly series. This site isn't even called LambAround anymore. Perhaps this is the KittyAround comic? 

Let's call this one hot tub cartoon. An alternate name could be The One Where You See Kitty Deschanel and Sexy Nerd Naked. It's not like it's a new thing for my blog, after those risqué photos I sent SN all those years ago.

In my defense, these take forever to make when you have no artistic talent.

Hot Tub Cartoon

hot tub cartoon
funny hot tub comic strip
funny spa joke
new hot tub problem
better to review mattresses than hot tubs

That made you smile. Admit it.

Here's a version of my hot tub cartoon that's perfect for sharing online. (Hint, hint.)

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